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Show Preview: The Airborne Toxic Event, The Henry Clay People, Red Cortez ~ House Of Blues, Boston ~ Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Airborne Toxic Event, The Henry Clay People, Red Cortez
at the House Of Blues, Boston, MA
Tuesday, October 13
(doors at 7pm; All Ages show)

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Red Cortez, The Henry Clay People (photo by Jeff Koga), The Airborne Toxic Event (photo by Autumn de Wilde)

Red Cortez, The Henry Clay People (photo by Jeff Koga), The Airborne Toxic Event (photo by Autumn de Wilde)

The Airborne Toxic Event

What can I say about The Airborne Toxic Event that I haven’t already said… about a thousand times before? So I’ll just say to the uninitiated that they put on one of the most awe-inspiring performances I’ve ever seen in my many years of concert-going, and a whole lot of people agree with me. This time out, they’ve changed their set around to include not only songs which will likely appear on their second album (“Echo Park”, “A Letter to Georgia”, and “All I Ever Wanted”), but also new covers of the Drifters, Yo La Tengo, and The Magnetic Fields – plus a lovely acoustic set in the middle. A new stage design – on, I’m guessing, stages large enough to accommodate it (which will be most of them, since they’re playing larger venues now), and a new Moog as well!

“Letter to Georgia” – Pomona, CA, September 17, 2009

video by Henry Ruiz

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The Henry Clay People

The Henry Clay People need no introduction to anyone who saw them with Airborne earlier in the year. But if you didn’t, you can read my profile. To summarize, their specialty is classic rock with a quirky indie twist; intelligent lyrics and a loose, highly entertaining stage demeanor. An absolute lack of pretension and the sincere desire to induct every member of the audience as an official band member. Hellacious fun.

“End Of An Empire”

Henry Clay People – End of an Empire from LaundroMatinee on Vimeo.

Red Cortez

Red Cortez are yet another astonishing band who have performed at clubs around East L.A., and though I’ve been enjoying their music, this will be my first time seeing them. I’ve heard great, great things, so I’m really looking forward to it. As with HCP, I did a profile on them a little while back. I’ll just repeat what I said then: their music has a social relevance and an energetic urgency, with influences ranging from blues and Latin-tinged folk to 60’s garage and punk… lyrically like beat poetry. Judging from recent comments of those who have seen them (with many accolades for frontman Harley Prechtel-Cortez), it seems like they put on an impressive show. This is probably one time when you’ll want to get there early to catch the opening bands.

“El Barco”

(courtesy of

Parson Red Heads

(Clifton Park, NY show only)
I thought I must be seeing things when I read this, but it’s apparently true: The Parson Red Heads – yes, another wonderful band from the ‘East L.A. scene’ – are joining Airborne Tox, The Henry Clay People and Red Cortez for the Clifton Park, NY show at Northern Lights. Lordy!! (I guess it’s fairly obvious that I’m rather impressed with the bands offerings from this particular part of L.A.). Once again, I’m familiar with their music, but have never seen them live. These guys have a psychedelic, folky sound, with influences such as The Kinks, Big Star, The Byrds, CSN&Y, Neil Young, Fairport Convention… In other words, quite different in style from the other three bands, which will give a really nice mix of styles and personalities.

It will be quite a night. If you’re anywhere in the area, do consider going, because I think it unlikely you’ll see these four bands performing together again.

The Airborne Toxic Event w/The Henry Clay People & Red Cortez – East Coast dates

10/10/09 ~ Trocadero, Philadelphia, PA ~ 8:00pm. SOLD OUT
10/12/09 ~ 930 Club, Washington, DC ~ 8:00pm. :: buy tickets ::
10/13/09 ~ House Of Blues, Boston, MA ~ 8:00pm. :: buy tickets ::
10/15/09 ~ Webster Hall, New York, NY ~ 8:00pm. SOLD OUT
10/16/09 ~ Webster Hall, New York, NY ~ 8:00pm. :: buy tickets ::
10/17/09 ~ Northern Lights, Clifton Park (Albany), NY ~ 8:00pm. *** w/Parson Red Heads also!! *** :: buy tickets ::

See the rest of their schedule.

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  1. R

    Were we at the same show? I was there last night at the HOB 10/13/09 to see Airborne and “The Henry Clay poeple” was one of the worst bands I have ever seen. I felt like I was stuck at a bad high school production wanting to throw bleach in my eyes. Not only were all the guys in the band more concerned with touching each other they had horrible lyrics and could not sing to save their lives. Oh and bad hair.

    I happened to park next to the red Cortez in the parking lot near Fenway and watched them get out of their shitty white van with Wendy’s cups littering the dash, paying the same $10.00 I did to park in the lot. Rock n’ roll man.

    As for the Airborne I love their lyrics. I thought they were awesome on their cd and still thnk so but I was also not impressed with their live performance and I see about 3 shows a week. Saying the word “fuck” and wearing a boys Smedium does not make you cool it makes you a douchebag. P.s Anna had the dress on that I wore for Halloween as an “80’s prom Queen”. so trendy.

  2. julie

    Hello “R”, Absolutely awesome; my favorite comment ever on my blog so far.

    Were we at the same show? No, I don’t think so. Red Cortez and their shitty white van, it’s called being poor but having enough passion for your music that you want to be uncomfortable for 1-1/2 months so you can play for and connect with people.

    Henry Clays. What can I say? You obviously don’t get it. You don’t get their camaraderie and fun; their classic yet quirky, ‘about to fall apart at the seams’ rock ‘n roll circus; their off-kilter and literary without being pretentious lyrics.

    Mikel says what he feels in his heart at that moment, without any filter. You may think that makes him a douchebag; that’s your right. Personally, with all the bullshit, lies, and doubletalk in this world, I find it tremendously refreshing.

    As for not being impressed with Airborne’s live show, I really don’t know to what extent someone has to go to please you. And Anna’s dress? I think it’s adorable on her and again, fun. Maybe you should consider having some?

    You don’t happen to write for Pitchfork, do you? Nah, never mind…

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