The Airborne Toxic Event @ Newbury Comics in Boston

Ah man, so absolutely great to see these guys again. How can you so badly miss a band you’d only seen play twice before? But I did. It was a balmy day, as late October in Boston goes. The in-store was at this new Newbury Comics store at Faneuil Hall, Tourists from all over, and fine Boston tradition (“You guys have a lot of bricks here in Boston” – Mikel). About 30 minutes before things were set to begin, the Newbury Comics folks were still figuring out exactly where the band would play, and I knew it would be a low-key, intimate and casual affair. Approximately 50 people crowded into the narrow space, and were treated to a brilliant 10-song set and good-humored banter. Parents who happened to be shopping with their kids watched from the staircase leading up to the 2nd floor. Mikel gazed up at the young kids and declared before they started, “we can’t swear.” Sure enough, first up was an unusual “censored version” of “Wishing Well” – “You wanna run away, run away, Just get on the ::bleepin’:: train and leave today.”

The Airborne Toxic Event, Newbury Comics In-storeI expected a shortish set, so I was delighted that they performed all but two of the tracks off the album, plus two surprises: “This Losing” and “The Girls In Their Summer Dresses” (based on Irwin Shaw’s short story. Both are really lovely songs, and fantastic to hear live and acoustically. Everyone sounded great, and they were having so much fun playing off each other, and enjoying the highly appreciative audience. One of those magical moments. I’m getting incredibly spoiled with them, because the three shows of theirs I’ve now had the great pleasure of attending have all been like this. A blissful, happy, dancy, psychedelic blur.

Anna & Noah at the Newbury Comics In-store

It’s a rare occasion indeed when a band can appeal across generations, but those little kids were really enjoying the music, and it was fun to watch them. On the other end, my parents, both in their 80’s, are also fans, When (hopefully) Airborne gets down to Hartford (they were scheduled to play with The Fratellis – one of the doomed gigs from earlier this month), they’ll probably be at the show, and no doubt my mom will say something outrageously embarrassing, as only she can do.

Speaking of the age spectrum, there was a middle-aged guy on the stairs who, partway into their set, loudly declared them “band of the year” with the “album of the year.” Mikel, not missing a beat, declared him “man of the year” and said something like “that was $20 well spent.”

Mikel & Noah at Newbury Comics Instore

An intimate experience like this is made all the more special by the knowledge that as they get more and more successful, it will be increasingly difficult to play in little places like this. But I don’t think they’ll ever lose that close connection with their audience, because that’s just who they are.

A perfect birthday present; couldn’t ask for more…. Thanks so much, guys!!

Set List: Wishing Well, This Losing, Papillon, Does This Mean You’re Moving On?, Sometime Around Midnight, The Girls In Their Summer Dresses, Something New, Happiness Is Overrated, Gasoline, Missy (not necessarily in that order)

“They were fine” – (from my friend Victor, a college radio DJ and music snob, so consider that high praise)

P.S. Off to finish up those tie dye t-shirts and love beads, and to check my passport… Might be a little cold for a tent in Hyde Park?

Newbury Comics Instore with The Airborne Toxic Event
Photo by Victor Robert Venckus

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