Hello everyone. I’m back in cold, dark and dreary (and currently snowy and windy) Boston from a truly bizarre trip to Los Angeles, sorting through a bunch of photos and video footage. The video will take longer than I originally thought, so for now, I’d like to wish you all a very happy new year and a great 2009, and pass along these photos from The Airborne Toxic Event’s wonderful show at Knott’s Berry Farm on December 14.

A few videos are on the way, once I figure out how to get something bigger than a postage stamp from an older PPC G4 Mac into YouTube and/or this wordpress blog.

If you haven’t yet caught TATE’s cool NBC promo, you can see it along with some comments from Mikel and a quick “behind the scenes” look on the NBC site.

See you soon, and if you haven’t yet bought your tickets to see them on their upcoming tour, you might want to get on that. I’ve heard the London show is already sold out…

P.S. if you’re morbidly curious about how screwed up a well-planned vacation can truly be, please check back in a few days, by which time I should be posting a review of my trip and maybe even some bad photos. Also “coming soon” – reviews of some great gigs of local L.A. bands I somehow managed to get myself to.

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