The Glass House, Pomona, CA, March 26, 2009

by Henry Ruiz

We walk in the glass house. It was real small and old, it reminded me of the old shows that I used to go to. Nice intimate venue.

Rademacher opens with an amazing set. The crowd was pretty good, all were nice because I was up front and I walked in and out of the building twice and still was allowed to go back up front :]

The Henry Clay people were simply amazing. Interacting with the crowd, talking about concerts that they have been to at The Glass House. The last song was amazing because The Henry Clay People Invited Rademacher and The Airborne Toxic Event to jam with them for one last song. It was cool to see everyone on that stage smiling, laughing and have a great time with one another.

Mikel and Joey Siara belting it out at the end of The Henry Clay People's set.

Mikel and Joey Siara belting it out at the end of The Henry Clay People's set. All photos by Henry Ruiz.

The Airborne Toxic Event take the stage at 10pm. They open up with a little snippet of ‘Something New’ Then go into ‘Wishing Well’. The Glass House was real hot *at least 70 something degrees, that’s how hot it felt* Their stage presence was amazing like always. Next song ‘Papillon’ *I have video of this* Mikel’s voice sounds a whole lot stronger. Anna was dancing, Steven Smiling, Noah rocking it, and Daren jamming with a smile.

I believe the next song was ‘Gasoline’, crowd was dancing and enjoying themselves. Next song was ‘Happiness Is Overrated’ followed by ‘Echo Park and ‘Letters To Georgia’. Next Song was ‘This Losing’ followed by ‘This Is Nowhere’. ‘Goodbye horses’ Followed by ‘Sometime Around Midnight’ followed by there “last song” ‘Innocence’ they play the ‘heaven version’. There was no crowd surfing due to NBC filming I think…I don’t know haha. [NBC filmed part of the show for airing on the Carson Daly show sometime in early April]

They walk off the stage after ‘Innocence’ three minutes later Daren hops back on the stage and gets on the make “Pomona!” He asked everyone to clap. This rest of the band come on stage and Mikel says “Were gonna play two more songs”…’Does This Mean You’re Moving On?’ Was Next. Amazing, Amazing, Amazing! Mikel climbed up on the speakers, Anna was not crowd surfing but she was dancing and hopping about, she then makes her way to the floor and walks across the barricade and I see her coming my way, I was jumping around, smiling and having a good time. Next thing you know she is right in front of me looking and smiling like crazy at me and she reaches in and gives me a lovely warm sweaty hug so I hug her in return! Next song was ‘Missy’, before they played it Mikel gives a little speech, wish I recorded it, “You only live this much *extending his index finger and thumb slightly* and You die this much *Extending his arms wide* Make the most of it, enjoy yourself and live”.

Few more comments about the NYC Bowery Ballroom show 3/11

(and Carlos, if you’re out there – I’d love to see some of those photos!)

“I loved the concert, Julie. I watched you all evening from the balcony. I was sitting with the people who worked for Airborne. At first someone came over to me and asked, “Do you have a pass for the reserved table? I answered, “I thought these chairs were reserved for senior citizens.” He laughed and took off… The couple who worked for Airborne offered me a drink….it was fun and I stayed to the end. I liked all the songs. The violins in the 1st number was great; like sitting at the philharmonic. So glad I was able to stay to the end. Where will they be next? Tate is great. Wish I could have gone to the after party…Next time.”   – Gloria, NYC.

[Not only was this her first TATE concert – it was her first rock concert. Not too shabby for a first-timer!]

“TATE, they have energy, no doubt, but part of the power of their performance is that they have SYNERGY. You had already mentioned in your review about how well they work with each other on stage. This added dimension to their live performance takes them to another level altogether. As a result, I think they are even better live than they are on their studio album. This is the reason I snapped up tickets to see them again after my first live TATE experience in December – they have the ability to get the whole crowd into IT. It is far more than I ever expected after listening to their album. I wonder if this energy can be captured in a live recording? I will definitely look to see them again whenever they return to the New York area.”  – Linda R.

Tour Update

The Airborne Toxic Event have added European shows and finally an Ireland date to their travels – great news for all those fans I’ve seen posting and begging for shows in their hometowns. New places for the band include Berlin, Hamburg, Belgium, Koln Germany, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, and Dublin (sponsored by Jameson, perhaps? or at least unofficially). Also, pretty cool stuff, they’ll be supporting Razorlight at the O2 Arena in London and the Manchester Evening News Arena (both 20,000+ capacity venues). full tour schedule here

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