Well yes, I’m feeling rather nostalgic, because exactly one year ago today, in fact at the precise time I’m writing this, I was deliriously enthralled with this brand new band I was seeing for the very first time. The Airborne Toxic Event at WFNX’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream at Jose McIntyre’s in Boston. Stuffed into an upstairs room with maybe 100-150 revelers – scantily clad women in lingerie and stiletto heels; creepy guys in bathrobes and cowboy hats. At the time, I remember thinking how completely bizarre and unlikely a venue this was for such a band… Knowing now what I know of Airborne Tox, their sense of humor and irreverence, and their amazing journey this past year, I have to say nothing could have been more perfect and oddly apt.

I had been hoping for maybe a show on or around this date to commemorate this happy occasion, yet what I’m now on the cusp of is nothing short of extraordinary – my own personal Toxapalooza. Beginning with a show at Hartford, Connecticut’s Webster Theatre tomorrow night, then WFNX and The Boston Phoenix’s Best Music Poll show at City Hall Plaza (free, no less) on Saturday, finishing off with WBRU’s Block Party at McFadden’s in Providence, Rhode Island.

Though there’s some disturbing uncertainty in various aspects of my life right now, this is one thing I am absolutely sure of: it is going to be a truly wonderful weekend.

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WBRU interview with Mikel (you might have to register (free) and log in)

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