by Chris Adams, guest blogger


There are concerts, some enjoyable, some awesome, some not…and then there are events. Shows that remain in your memory always. Airborne Toxic Event at the Webster was a show that falls in the latter category. From my first exposure to the band, which was late night chance switching through channels and catching “Gasoline” on one of the late shows, I knew I’d found a band that wasn’t the “one good song on the CD” variety.

With great anticipation the band enters the snug Webster hall and just as on the album, rolls right into “Wishing Well”. With that, you immediately get the combination of raw energy, unique chemistry and awesome talent every one of them share. What’s even better…to say the first song (or any other) are “as good as” or “just like the album” would be an inaccurate understatement. Yes, they sound as good as the studio…but also bring a live energy and ability to improvise and excite their audience to new heights.

Every subsequent song keeps the high energy flowing and ascending….then “Gasoline” comes on and it’s better than ever, whether you heard it for the first time that night, or the thousandth time that month…if that doesn’t make you feel alive and remember youth, innocence, and the fun of thinking you know it all-when you don’t know half of it, then nothing will.

By the time “Moving On” comes on, I am mesmerized, Anna and Mikel’s on stage interaction is tight- but never rehearsed, spontaneous and alive, as are Steven and Noah as well. (Daren’s drums are awesome of course- but the drummer always has to take the back of the stage…) “Moving On” runs through those feelings for you- whether you’ve watched someone you know go through the misguided actions the song tells us about, or you were on either side of that coin yourself…either way, you’re right there and living it.

So I’m thinking about “Missy”; I’m thinking “Please tell me they’re doing “Missy”. One of my personal favorites and I was thinking “I can’t believe I’m not going to hear it…” Then the unmistakable first chords reach me and I’m transported. The long version they end up giving us is perfect and priceless, and the utterly perfect ending to a perfect show.

If you’re a fan, you know what I’m talking about….if you’re not….What are you waiting for?

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