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Airborne Toxic Event @ Northern Lights 10/17/09 (pre-review teaser)

I’ve recently returned from my ‘7 shows in 11 days’ East Coast Tour, and I have a new appreciation for what rock bands go through to travel around and play for people. As I sort through several hundred photos and 20+ videos, I wanted to say just a few words, for now, about this magnificent evening in Clifton Park, NY. The Airborne Toxic Event, The Henry Clay People, Red Cortez, and Parson Red Heads brought Silverlake to upstate New York in what I can only describe as “Spaceland at Northern Lights”. A beautiful evening that felt as intimate as hanging out in a rehearsal space or someone’s living room. Many thoughts, many emotions… about how far Airborne has come in the 3+ years they’ve been together. How maybe you gain a bigger audience but you lose something as well along the way, and how it’s really nice to just have fun and play with your friends again, in an ‘out of the way’ place where the stakes aren’t so high and you can relax and enjoy yourself. But I’ll save all that for later. For now, a sampling of ‘sound and vision’ from this special evening.

As unlikely a venue as you're likely to find for such a transcendent evening.

As unlikely a venue as you're likely to find for such a transcendent evening.

[my seven shows also included Built To Spill @ The Middle East in there somewhere, as well as Happy Hollows @ T.T. The Bear’s in Cambridge (awesome!!), and Silversun Pickups with Cage The Elephant and An Horse at the Webster Theater in Hartford (crazy, and awesome). Those are ‘on the way’ as well. I’ll be going chronologically, continuing where (I think) I left off, with Airborne Tox in NYC, night #1, so keep checking back!]

The Parson Red Heads – “Burning Up The Sky”

(with Daren from Airborne Tox on percussion)

Red Cortez – “Old Man Jude”

(with buddies from Parson Red Heads and The Henry Clay People)

The Henry Clay People – “This Ain’t A Scene”

The Airborne Toxic Event – “(Parson Red Heads song)”

A song they wrote for the Parson Red Heads, first (and only) time performed.

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The Airborne Toxic Event, The Henry Clay People & Red Cortez @ the Trocadero 10/10/09


Built To Spill at The Middle East Downstairs, Cambridge, MA – 10/11/09

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  1. Excellent video! I was also at the show – saw it at NL rather than in NYC (I’m from just outside NYC) since I wanted to see them in a more intimate setting. The 4th time I’ve seen them and probably the best. Thanks!

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