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On my Airborne Toxic Event anniversary…

(from The Beantown Bloggery, posted 7/30/2008)

(from The Beantown Bloggery, posted 7/30/2008)

A brief commemoration is in order today. On this very evening five years ago, I first saw The Airborne Toxic Event. It was upstairs at an Irish-Mexican bar in downtown Boston called Jose McIntyre’s, a curious gathering called “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” sponsored by WFNX. I actually just stumbled upon an advertisement of this event on The Beantown Bloggery. How cool. here’s my review of that pivotal event in my life. Sadly, this was before I started documenting, but you can see my first video of the band from later that year at Knott’s Berry Farm (see below). And be sure to check out (sorry, can’t seem to embed) this extremely cool video I unearthed of an old interview with the ‘FNX guys backstage at their Miracle on Tremont Street show in December ’08, where they talk about the show back in July. Good times.

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  1. You’ve written some great Airborne reviews; I love reading them. Just wanted to let you know about my blog, It’s open to any fan of The Airborne Toxic Event to submit show reviews, personal reflections on songs, etc. If you’re ever interested in submitting something (even a repost of something you’ve already posted), I’d love to receive it! Thanks!

  2. julie

    Aw, thanks Glen. Yes of course, I shall be in touch.

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