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The Airborne Toxic Event in Hartford, Connecticut, 7/31/09

by Milt Stoller, guest blogger


My daughter’s maniacal interest in the Airborne Toxic Event convinced me to join her at the Hartford Connecticut concert. I arrived there between sets and found her where I expected; front row. My first thought was “is this what it was like in the Globe theatre in Elizabethan times?” A sweating, raucous crowd standing in the pit waiting for Romeo and Juliet? No they were waiting for Jollett. The moat in front of us was clearly there to protect the band but perhaps they should have had a chicken wire screen ala Blues Brothers. All this apprehension soon vanished when the Airborne troop came on. It was a delight to see them live (particularly Anna) because no super-duper resolution TV screen could do them justice. But the sound? Oi!

With the amps cranked up to eleven, the sound was not unlike that of a jet engine. I concluded that what I was witnessing was purely a visual experience; you had to have a sound memory pre-planted in your cranium from a well recorded session to go along with the visual input. But that I had so it was well worth attending the spectacle. Hey guys, the next time you come to Hartford please consider doing your thing at the Hartt School’s Lincoln Theater or their Millard Auditorium – and bring along the Calder Quartet. Sight and sound would be glorious.

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The Airborne Toxic Event & Bare Hands at The Webster Theatre, Hartford, CT, July 31, 2009


My god, the difficulty in trying to write a review of a band that has meant so much to me in the past year! From first hearing about their residency at Spaceland in Silverlake in January 2008, to purchasing their EP off iTunes and listening repeatedly at work, at home, and in transit between the two. To that surreal “lingerie party” at Jose McIntyre’s, other shows and YouTube/internet madness that would follow.

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