Days of Wine and Poses | Something You Own | Doesn’t Mean A Thing | I’m On Fire (Springsteen) | interview

“It was my first time seeing Airborne Toxic Event, and for it to be in such an intimate, casual setting was a real treat. We were able to get a sense of the personalities of every band member in the WFNX interview, particularly via the easy, witty banter among them. The music – well, it was much more impressive live than anything I heard (mostly YouTube) leading up to the concert. Mikel’s vocal style and lyrics feel very personal, and the band’s instrumental and vocal accompaniment was rich and full-bodied. The violin viola definitely adds a sweet tone to the mix. This mini-concert definitely left me wanting more! I look forward to their return to Boston, and in the meantime, to the release of their new CD whenever it is.” – Renee

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