A down-homey vibe with guitars, harmonica and sweet pop vocals combine with a little edginess in the way of analog synths on this debut song called “Are You Happy” from The Outdoor Type. It’s the project of Melbourne, Australia-based singer and songwriter Zach Buchanan, and it has a nice little ’80s retro sound going for it. In a mere hundred words, he paints a complete portrait of suburban life — laziness, craziness, Diazepam, instant coffee, breakfast TV, the 9-5 rat race, store-brand foods, cheap red wine, regrets, the works.

“Wait here.
Don’t go home,
Nothing easy,
Nothing grows,
I gave you all I own,
For your tired weary soul.”

Are you happy? If not, try listening to this upbeat little gem with the wistful undercurrent.

The song was produced and mixed by Colin Leadbetter. The Outdoor Type will be releasing their debut EP in early 2015, followed by a full-length album.

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