Mary Lou Lord, The John Powhida International Airport, and Danielle Doyle.

Mary Lou Lord, The John Powhida International Airport, and Danielle Doyle.

Marching boldly into my latest installment of “Boston Bands This Week”. We start with “a classic”, Mary Lou Lord, whom I must be recalling from the early 90s when I first moved to Boston. She’s doing a special acoustic performance on Wednesday at Arts at the Armory in Somerville, which will probably sell out if it hasn’t already. Then there’s a few very cool bands playing at P.A.’s Lounge on Friday, including a personal favorite, the wacky and wonderful John Powhida International Airport. Finally on Saturday, there’s a CD release party for someone who just recently came to my attention, Somerville-based singer-songwriter Danielle Doyle, who’s joined, once again, by some cool local bands – this time, in the acoustic, ambient, and Americana vein.

Wednesday, March 10

Mary Lou Lord (acoustic performance) with special guest Michael Oliver @ Arts at the Armory – Wednesday March 10.


Some quick background: Mary Lou Lord first gained attention on the Boston scene in the early 90s by performing on her acoustic guitar in and around the T (subway stations), especially the Cambridge/Somerville Red Line. She also toured with Elliott Smith and co-wrote and recorded a song with him, “I Figured You Out” (1997). She gained notoriety as well, by having a relationship with Kurt Cobain, vehemently disputed by Courtney Love and causing “incidents” between the two, which I’m guessing I heard more about at the time than her music. She’s released six albums which have included both originals and covers (Elliot Smith, Richard Thompson, Daniel Johnston). The most recent, Baby Blue, was on Rubric Records (2004). | All Music Guide

Friday, March 12

Hot Protestants, Preacher Roe, AMStereo, The John Powhida International Airport @ the P.A.’s Lounge – Friday March 12.


The John Powhida International Airport I had the pleasure of seeing at a wicked cool “secret show” at The Regent Theater in Arlington, along with Reeves Gabrels and Monique Ortiz (as in, The Regent must have kept it a big secret, since hardly anyone was there). He was great fun, nutty and engaging (imagine Prince merged with Bryan Ferry doing a stand-up comedy shtick… ok, maybe you shouldn’t imagine that), and oh yeah, a terrific band. Definitely worth catching. Joining him this evening are Hot Protestants (no idea; couldn’t find ’em anywhere), Preacher Roe (nice gutsy rootsy-sounding rock), and AMStereo (more punk, garage and noisier than I expected, for some reason, but pretty good).

Saturday, March 13

Danielle Doyle CD release, Flightless Buttress, Garlic & Moonshine @ the Lizard Lounge – Saturday March 13.


I just stumbled upon Danielle Doyle, and she’s really good – smooth, sultry vocals in the alt-country style, with soulful and mysterious acoustic guitar and drums accompaniment. As with what I’m most liking these days, the music supports and enhances the vocals; never overshadows or obscures. Lovely. She’s supported such artists as Loudon Wainwright III, Dawn Landes, and Heather Masse (of The Wailin’ Jennys). I’m racing (as usual) to get this up, but her songwriting seems to come from a deep, personal place, and definitely deserves more attention than I can give right now. Check out her MySpace for some more backround and to have a listen. Along with her are two great bands. There’s Flightless Buttress, a marvelous duo of John Nolan (guitar) and Callie Peters (cello), performing a minimalist kind of acoustic/ambient music with I guess a touch of Americana in places. Nice. Garlic & Moonshine are a trio of Matthew Rowen (acoustic guitar, vocals), Avi David (electric guitar, vocals), and Kirsten Lamb (upright bass, banjo, vocals) are excellent as well, with a warm alt-country sound and lovely vocals. If you’re looking to kick back and unwind with some comforting, pretty music in a low-key venue, this is most definitely it.

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