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Month: February 2009

Thank you ‘FNX! Now, if only Mikel can get over his layrngitis…

Call me a cougar, call me anything you’d like, but you guys at The WFNX Sandbox Seriously F*cking Rock!!! Sleep deprived, shaking, I’m working nights these days so after 4-1/2 hours of sleep I’m up with a cup of green tea, dialing in to a radio station to play a contest that relies on working brain cells… but anything, and I do mean anything for my beloved Airborne Toxic Event! The prize? A coveted ticket to a very special acoustic performance by the band the afternoon before their sold out Boston Paradise show. Some 30 or so people only, with all of Massachusetts and New Hampshire trying to get in.

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Morning Muse

My muse visited me this morning, in the guise of a Mockingbird spreading his wings and peering up at me on my porch as I was doing my sun salutations, as if to say “winter is nearly over, and I’m ready to fly – how about you?” A chill in the air still and patches of ice on the ground, but Spring bubbling underneath as a whispered promise. First Robin also, as a harbinger and scavenger, investigating under the Blue Spruce for bits of food. Scurrying and then stopping as if to catch the last words of something that was just said by a soul only they can see; a presence only they can feel. I’m dumb to it mostly, but every now and then, in a fleeting glimmer of a sparkling gem, I catch it. And I am able to share that moment with the bird, for perhaps a second or a millisecond, before I’m shut out again and left to admire from afar, with a sense of wonderment and awe.

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