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Show Preview: The Bravery ~ House Of Blues, Boston ~ Friday, October 9, 2009

The Bravery, (not sure about support acts)
at the House Of Blues, Boston, MA
Friday, October 9
(doors at 7pm; all ages show)


The Bravery is a NYC-based band who have been around since 2003, though with their new wave/punk aesthetic, they sound like they’ve been around much longer than that. Definitely an 80’s thing going on, and I don’t mean that in a bad way! There’s Sam Endicott (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Michael Zakarin (lead guitar, backing vocals), John Conway (keyboards, backing vocals), Mike Hindert (bass, backing vocals), and Anthony Burulcich (drums, backing vocals).

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East L.A. Update (to my East L.A. Update)

East L.A. bands visiting Boston (or thereabouts) in October. (top): The Airborne Toxic Event, The Henry Clay People; Silversun Pickups (bottom): The Happy Hollows, Sea Wolf, Red Cortez.

East L.A. bands visiting Boston (or thereabouts) in October. (top): The Airborne Toxic Event, The Henry Clay People, Silversun Pickups; (bottom): The Happy Hollows, Sea Wolf, Red Cortez.

This is an addendum to my recent Silverlake Band Update. Yes, I do realize that most of these upcoming events are in California and this is a Boston blog. I figured I would get everyone really, really familiar with all these names so you’ll know who I’m talking about when they do come here. Meanwhile, perhaps it’ll serve as some kind of invocation.

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Assembly of Dust, the Emmitt-Nershi Band, and Nathan Moore at the Paradise Rock Club, Boston – September 24, 2009


Those who arrived early for this Assembly of Dust performance at the Paradise Rock Club had a marvelous treat in store. I wasn’t familiar with Nathan Moore or the Emmitt-Nershi band, but I was very impressed by the excellence of these guys. You don’t always get really great support acts (I’m hesitant to even call them that, as either could be headliners), so this was a nice surprise which made for a wonderful evening of music.

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Rademacher Mini-tour of the Midwest (right now!)


Rademacher – Upcoming Shows
Sep 25 2009 ~ 9:00P ~ Public Space One ~ Iowa City, Iowa
Sep 27 2009 ~ 9:00P ~ Replay Lounge ~ Lawrence, Kansas
Sep 28 2009 ~ 9:00P ~ Schubas ~ Chicago, Illinois

I’m late out of the gate with this reminder, and perhaps it’s because I was sad to learn that the awesome indie band out of Fresno, Rademacher, would not be making it all the way to the East Coast on this current “mini-tour” of theirs. But just now I realized, well, duh, you should still mention the shows they are doing, and maybe get a few people out to see them. They happen to be right around the places The Airborne Toxic Event are performing, albeit a day earlier, and I’ll venture a guess that Airborne fans will love Rademacher as well, as they come out of that same incredibly fertile Silverlake scene, with wonderfully literate and heartstring-pulling music. They joined Airborne on the West Coast leg of their last tour earlier in the year (along with The Henry Clay People).

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Show Preview: Andrew W.K. & Calder Quartet ~ Piano and Strings ~ Coolidge Corner Theatre, Brookline ~ Tuesday, September 29


Andrew W.K. & Calder Quartet ~ Piano and Strings
at the Coolidge Corner Theatre, Brookline, MA
Tuesday, September 29
(show at 9:00 p.m.)

If you’re wondering what to do on Tuesday night, and looking for something that promises to be unusual, look no further. I can tell you that the Calder Quartet are wonderful, having seen them perform with The Airborne Toxic Event, though I’ve never seen one of their own shows. They’re based in Los Angeles, and the quartet features: Ben Jacobson, first violin; Andrew Bulbrook, second violin; Eric Byers, cello; and Jonathan Moerschel, viola. They specialize in classical and contemporary repertoire, and are focused on discovering new, emerging composers and, as they say on their MySpace page “pursuing unique collaborations”. Um, yes indeed, as joining them for this evening at the Coolidge Corner Theater will be Andrew W.K., and I’m not even sure how to go about describing him. He’s a musician (a classical pianist and metal aficionado), performance artist, lecturer, visual artist, writer… and is known for his spontaneous performances.

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Show Preview: BrakesBrakesBrakes ~ Great Scott, Allston ~ Wed., October 7, 2009

BrakesBrakesBrakes, The Twilight Sad, We Were Promised Jetpacks
at Great Scott, Allston, MA
Wednesday, October 7
(doors at 9pm; 18+ show)



From Brighton, UK, and performing together since 2003, BrakesBrakesBrakes (made up of ex-members from Brighton bands Electric Soft Parade, British Sea Power, and The Tenderfoot) is Alex White, drums; Eamon Hamilton, guitar/vocals; Marc Beatty, bass; and Thomas White, guitar. Rollicking and raucous, yet melodic and literate at the same time, their influences are as far-reaching as Hank Williams and the Pixies; Ledbelly, Aerosmith, and Camera Obscura.

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Show Preview: Assembly of Dust ~ Paradise Rock Club, Boston ~ Thurs., September 24, 2009

Assembly of Dust, Emmitt Nershi with Nathan Moore
at the Paradise Rock Club, Boston MA
Thursday, September 24
(doors at 7pm; 18+ show)

Assembly of Dust

Photo Credit: C. Taylor Crothers

Photo Credit: C. Taylor Crothers

Assembly of Dust have been performing their warm blend of southern rock, country, Americana, folk-rock, blues and R&B since 2003. The band features Reid Genauer (formerly of the folk rock group Strangefolk) ~ lead vocals, guitar; Adam Terrell ~ lead guitar, vocals; Andy Herrick ~ drums; and John Leccese ~ bass, vocals. They’ve been compared to bands like Little Feat, J.J. Cale, The Band, Neil Young, Wilco – even The Beatles.

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Division Day, Bad Veins, and Static of the Gods at O’Brien’s Pub in Allston, Sept. 18, 2009


I wasn’t familiar with O’Brien’s Pub, which is a rather low-key establishment (maybe a lit up sign at night would help) located at the corner of Harvard Ave. and Cambridge Street in Allston. I was surprised and impressed to find an actual, decent-sized stage in the corner, with professional lighting and good sound. I see now that O’Brien’s is a serious rock venue. I assumed it was “just a bar” when I first heard that Division Day were playing there, and from the outside, one wouldn’t think otherwise. Well, it is a neighborhood bar, but it also regularly books local and national rock acts.

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Silverlake Band Update! (Part 2) – September 16, 2009

Here’s part 2 of my Silverlake update, featuring such bands as Rademacher, Silversun Pickups The Deadly Syndrome, The Happy Hollows, and The Henry Clay People (and lots more).

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Silverlake Band Update! (part 1) – September 15, 2009

Those of you who have been reading this blog for a little while are no doubt aware that I have “a thing” for The Airborne Toxic Event. Through them, I’ve discovered a whole bunch of wonderful bands, who – if not actually based there – are often found playing in clubs in this cool and interesting area of East Los Angeles that includes Silverlake, Los Feliz, and Echo Park. A wide variety of influences, styles and personalities, they share a joy of performing, an absolute lack of pretension, a kind of camaraderie — and oh yeah, they’re all really fucking good as well.

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