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Month: September 2012

Introducing Boris

It had become a nightly ritual. As I brought clothes into the bathroom for a shower before I went to bed, I saw you in a twisted ball, quickly maneuvering back into your web. So quickly did you take up your spot, then perfectly immobile and poised like a portrait, that it seemed you had heard me coming. It was as if you were trying to make it appear that you hadn’t relinquished your post, and were hastening to be back by the time I returned. My attention was immediately drawn once again to the window, and there you were.

With such ease, such stealth, and then still as a statue, like one of those ornate pins I purchased in Europe in the 1980s, the round abdomen made of colored glass, or fashioned of silver with tiny rhinestones embedded in the metal. I was so fascinated with those glamorous insects, I started a small collection.

It’s eerie how you come and go with my own movements. You stand watch while I shower, and as I’m getting out and preparing for bed, you scurry off for a while, having fulfilled your service, temporarily off duty.

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Christopher Paul Stelling begins his East Coast/Midwest tour

C.P. Stelling and his partner-in-crime, Julia Christgau (photo by Clarence K. Photography)

C.P. Stelling and his partner-in-crime, Julia Christgau (photo by Clarence K. Photography)

You’re unlikely to find a more ‘timeless old soul’ singer-songwriter, nor a more mind-numbing acoustic guitar picker than Mr. Christopher Paul Stelling. He melted my brain back some months ago at Precinct, and he’s in town again to begin a month-long tour on the East Coast and around the Midwest. His debut album, Songs of Praise and Scorn only hints at the unbridled intensity of his live performances. Tomorrow night he’ll be at Lizard Lounge, opening up for the lovely cello/guitar duo and gentle harmonies of Tall Heights. They’re in the midst of a month-long Tuesday night residency at Lizard Lounge, with the grand finale and their EP Release Party for The Running of the Bulls on 9/25.

Upcoming Shows
9/10- Providence, RI- House show
9/11- Cambridge , MA- The Lizard Lounge w/Tall Heights
9/12- New Haven, CT- BAR
9/14- Utica, NY- Utica Music Fest
9/15- Saratoga Springs, NY- Cafe Lenna
9/17- Portsmouth, NH- The Red Door
9/22- Rochester, NY- The Bug Jar
9/23- Erie, PA- The Crooked I

Plus shows in Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Wisconsin, West Virginia, Virginia, DC and Pennsylvania. See site for full details.

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Help! Our Bands Are On Fire! (to benefit victims of the 95 Columbia, Central Square Fire)

Benefit Festival going on TODAY & TONIGHT in Union Square!
(and how others not in the area can help)

Back a few weeks ago, there was a horrible house fire in Cambridge – a house that was home to many area musicians and artists. Despite heroic efforts from Cambridge firefighters and volunteers, these folks are still struggling to “regroup” after being unceremoniously tossed out of their homes. They haven’t even been able to go back in yet to see what’s salvageable (though fortunately everyone is ok). So today and tonight, going on right now, is a benefit ‘mini festival’ in Union Square at three venues – P.A.’s Lounge, Sally O’Brien’s and Precinct. Taking part are many of their fellow Boston-area bands – Molly Zenobia, Parlour Bells, Mighty Tiny, Streight Angular, Satellites Fall and many more. If you’re in the area, definitely check this out! | More Info & Set Times

If you’re not in the area, check out the work of some of these artists who lost much if not all of their belongings (and we’re not talking wealthy rock stars here…). If you can, help them out a little. Here some more info. And here’s some of their music!

Brendan Burns

guitarist & educator; founding member of the Elephant Tango Ensemble

Tony Leva

upright bass player for Jaggery

Mary Bichner

Composer, arranger, transcriber, performer, and formerly of Box Five

Other artists from 95 Columbia:

Brendan Higgins | Pete Moulthrop | Thomas Huber, Adam Jones, Jackie, John Lian, and Jimmy Tang.

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Introducing Anna Rae – CD Release Party @ Club Passim tomorrow

Anna Rae with Samantha Farrell and Kristen Ford Band @ Club Passim
Wednesday, September 5 at 8pm
8pm | All Ages | facebook event | buy tickets

Anna Rae’s lived in a bunch of places – California raised, then North Dakota, Minnesota, Wyoming, and even Australia – but with her straight-up introspective lyricism and supple, gliding vocals, she fits right in to Boston’s indie folk scene. Having toured this summer with The Kristen Ford Band, she’s just released her debut album, Peddler’s Wares, which she’ll be introducing at her official CD release party at Club Passim tomorrow night. It’s a charming, sweet folk-Americana sound with sharp and slightly astringent lyrics.

It’ll be an evening of female musical prowess. Acclaimed singer-songwriter Samantha Farrell headlines, and multi-genre, multi-instrumentalist Kristen Ford opens.

“always feel I’m an outsider
always feel I’m an outlier, outright liar
and I always feel how I’m outside of the flow
and I always notice all the places I do not go”
– Midwest Darlin’

Anna Rae: web | facebook | purchase album from iTunes | cdbaby
Samanta Farrell | Kristen Ford Band

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SLEeVES’ New EP, Arcadia

There’s some very beautiful, adventurous new music from Boston’s experimental folk purveyors, SLEeVES. Gathered into a 7-track EP by the name of Arcadia, it’s a gauzy, hypnotic daydream. Sometimes it takes the form of smooth aural silk that slides over you. At other times, it’s a like a series of half-heard conversations looped over each other, merging and colliding, cresting and receding like ocean waves. ‘Arcadia’ speaks of “a natural paradise; a forgotten utopia.”

Arcadia is the follow-up to their lovely Sky Ghost I album, released back in March. It is available for a ‘pay-what-you-want’ price, and they’ve collaborated with multimedia artist Neon Glittery to create 20 limited edition t-shirts based on the EP’s imagery. Have a listen to “1994,” “a song about the uncertainty of the future and a dullness occasionally associated with the present.”

They’re currently planning a North American tour. Stay tuned!

1994 by SLEEVES by Analog Candle

web-bandcamp | facebook | soundcloud | analog candle

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