Sarah Negahdari (photo by Zoe-Ruth Erwin), Robert Francis, The Henry Clay People

Sarah Negahdari (photo by Zoe-Ruth Erwin), Robert Francis, The Henry Clay People

Continuing on with part II of my Eastside L.A. Bands 2012 Roundup. Again, I’m only including artists who either are doing significant touring this year, or who have a new album just out, very recently out, or are working on something. If I’ve missed anyone or something big, please let me know. I’m going to bed now. Goodnight and good luck.

Pisces (Sarah Negahdari of The Happy Hollows) | Princeton | Radar Brothers | Radars To The Sky | Radamacher | Robert Francis | Seasons | Sea Wolf | Shadow Shadow Shade | Silversun Pickups | Summer Darling | The Airborne Toxic Event | The Deadly Syndrome | The Happy Hollows | The Henry Clay People | The Monolators | The Parson Red Heads | The Union Line | Voxhaul Broadcast | Walking Sleep


A new sweet and folky side-project from the lovely Sarah Negahdari (The Happy Hollows). According to Sarah, after they’re finished with that, she’ll be releasing all of her Pisces material, so stay tuned for that. In the meantime…

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Their second album, Remembrance of Things to Come is due out February 21. They’ll be performing some shows on the West Coast, plus Utah and Colorado. Have a listen below, and if you like what you hear, you can preorder the limited edition vinyl at Hit City U.S.A. and get a bonus 7″ and free digital download. Oooh… pretty strings! Lovely stuff.

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Radar Brothers

There’s been a series of vague comments since last July, with the last one in November “I guess this thing isn’t gonna mix itself…,” strongly suggests a new album in the works.

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Radars To The Sky

They released their very nice sounding 3-track Detritus EP last month, and have a show coming up on Feb. 23 at The Satellite in Los Angeles. Last month, they also took part in an amazing night of music to celebrate the first public screening of the Pass the Music documentary, along with Manhattan Murder Mystery, Movies Tribute Band, Tenlons Fort and Joey Siara.

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Big doings for Rademacher. They’ll be releasing Baby Hawk III on March 6 (part III of their ‘concept EP trilogy’). You can preorder it now. And they’ve been invited to SXSW for an official showcase! They currently have a IndiGoGo campaign to raise the necessary funds to get there – and to press up vinyl copies of the new EP and for other promo stuff. I didn’t realize this, but back in 2009 they were also given a sxsw showcase, but didn’t have enough money to get there. So if you can, please help ’em out! They also have shows in March in California, Texas, Oklahoma and Arizona. One of my favorite bands, I have yet to see them perform, but hopefully that will change in the near future. For now, let’s have a listen to Baby Hawk II.

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Robert Francis

His new album, Strangers In The First Place will be released on May 22nd. It’s his first recording for Vanguard Records. He’s currently touring with Mat Kearney, and after that, he’ll be at SXSW. Hopefully he’ll make it out to the East Coast this year; would love to see him again. For now, here’s an amazing acoustic version of a song from the new album, “Some Things Never Change.”

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During a January residency at the Echo, they released their new EP Autumn (listen below). It looks like they have a March 12 show at The Satellite in L.A., but before that, there’s this odd festival called “Open Mic Night After The Apocalypse” at some place called Slab City near the Salton Sea. Ok, so I guess this is an actual place. If you know where this is and can get there, they’ll be performing with Manhattan Murder Mystery, Stab City, Judson McKinney and others on February 25th. There’s a IndieGoGo campaign to make this happen.

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Sea Wolf

New music! The “Songs of the Magpie”/”Where the Winds Blow” single is available digitally or on vinyl (listen below). They’re in the studio recording their third full length album for release in the spring.

Song of the Magpie/Where The Wind Blows by Sea Wolf

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Shadow Shadow Shade

They recently released a new song and video – “Maybe I Could Love.” Not sure what else is up. For the record, this is the band formerly known as Afternoons. New name, just as wonderful.

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Silversun Pickups

They’re currently recording album #3 (Neck of the Woods, due out May 8), and they’ll be at Sasquatch in May and Edgefest in Toronto in July.

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Summer Darling

They’re recording a new album, and released a demo of “Rowena.” Nice. You can follow their progress.

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The Airborne Toxic Event

After the mad touring of last year, it seems there’s no major tour scheduled for 2012. Instead, they’ve been working on new songs for their next album. There’s only five dates scheduled as of now for this year (Dresser WI on Fri; UCR Riverside CA on 3/3, Tempe AZ on 4/21, UCSB Santa Barbara CA mid/late May (students only?), and Berlin Germany on 7/27-29 – all festivals). Though I imagine we may see some shows added later on this year (i.e. late spring/summer), maybe with previews of some new music… here’s hoping!

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The Deadly Syndrome

Looks like production is complete on a new album in the works. This will be #3, after the truly marvelous Nolens Volens of 2010.

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The Happy Hollows

Currently overdubbing for their second album at Infrasonic Studios in Alhambra, CA. You can follow their progress and make sure they’re hard at work. The most recent little peek is below. LOVE these guys. Be sure to check out Sarah’s Pisces project also.

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The Henry Clay People

Ah, the Henry Clay Peeps. Another band that holds a very special place in my heart, having seen them careen crazily around on many stages and sound absolutely marvelous. They promise more new album info soon, but in the meantime, they’ve been posting some live videos of new songs. In fact, another one appeared just today (see below). The song is “Anymore or Anyless.” Sounds sweet, happy, noisy, and like classic HCP. Oh yeah, they’ll be at SXSW!

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The Monolators

They’ll be performing at The Satellite in L.A. on 3/2, and will be “performing new songs for a very special project that we’ve been working on for two years.” Not quite sure what this means. New album?

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The Parson Red Heads

Tracking for the next Parson Red Heads album starts Monday 2/20 – excellent! They promise regular updates on their facebook page. They’ll also be at SXSW. This is getting to be a common theme. I’m starting to get really sad that I can never afford to go to this.

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The Union Line

Nice guys, great band. They have a *free* show with Incan Abraham at the Bootleg Theater on Feb. 20 (right, that’s in Los Angeles), and they’ll be at, that’s right, SXSW.

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Voxhaul Broadcast

They’re currently recording a new album at the legendary Village Studios. Check out their facebook page for updates. They’ll be performing in Mexico on March 10 with Modest Mouse, Blonde Redhead and Public Enemy. Now there’s a show… Also Las Vegas on Feb. 27 and a March residency at The Satellite. Also, their song “Leaving on The 5th” is featured on the soundtrack for the new film The Vow, along with bands like The National, Lykke Li and The Cure. Very cool.

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Walking Sleep

(Flying Tourbillon Orchestra – years later, I’m still adjusting)
Nothing new from Walking Sleep since their Tarp Sessions of last year, but vocalist/guitarist and autoharp player Sara Radle has a solo album release party in Los Angeles this Saturday. Her fifth solo record “Same Sun Shines” is due out Feb. 21. You can listen to it (and order) on bandcamp. [Editor’s note: just found out she’ll be performing at PA’s Lounge in Somerville on March 29th!]

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Eastside L.A. 2012 Roundup Part I

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