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Lost and Found (VI of XII)

A Los Angeles story of madness and awakening, in twelve parts

Ryan Fuller and Rob Danson of Fort King, at The Echo

Ryan Fuller and Rob Danson of Fort King, at The Echo

Part VI: Echo Park Rising, Sunday

Upon waking on Sunday morning, the second day of the Echo Park Rising Festival, I was badly in need of loud music, comfort food and a cozy spot to curl into a fetal position. Preferably all at once. I had a strange dream during the night. There was a paranoid and delusional crack head who had left a cryptic message on my friend’s cell phone, threatening to come by the house and quite possibly do us bodily harm. In a dazed panic, we discussed various options (call the police, take a posse back to the house, not go home that night and stay elsewhere, etc.), while standing in a drunken crowd that included a throng of KXLU DJs on the sidewalk outside the Lot 1 Cafe in the middle of the night. As the fog began to clear from my sleep-deprived brain, I realized it was not a dream. After an hour of strategizing our next move, we actually listened to the message and determined that he was not a serious threat after all. As it happened, our sleep was only disturbed by the usual roving dogs and ghetto birds. At a friend’s suggestion (thank you, Rob Danson), I grabbed my stuff, scrambled back to Lot 1 and found the safe haven, satisfying brunch and healing music I was looking for.

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New(ish) from Walter Sickert and the Army of Broken Toys: Toys of Future Past

(and some shows)

Good evening. There’s been big doings from Walter Sickert and The Army of Broken Toys. I’ve popped on quickly to tell you of a few things, as one happens tomorrow. The other is a big 3-day Halloween Extravaganza. The third thing is new music. Make that new FREE music (though you should donate a little something to support starving musicians, if you can) (ok, maybe not starving, but still in need of your money, if you’ve got any). Anyway, this is a cool and curious collection of covers. Enjoy.

TOMORROW NIGHT – 10/3 at Oberon (Harvard Square) Kissing Oscar Wilde – “The Best Book Release Part EVER for Jade Sylvan” at Oberon. Featuring music from Walter Sickert and The Army of Broken Toys and The Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library; performances from Jane Doe, Claude Kitten and UnAmerika’s Sweetheart Karin Webb; readings from poet Krysten Hill, the author herself and more; and staged performances of sections from the book. ::: GET TICKETS HERE :::

10/31, 11/1 & 11/2 – THREE NIGHT HALLOWEEN EXTRAVAGANZA “There will be awesome FOOD, spectacular DRINKS, dancing, shenanigans, revelry and maybe even a MARIACHI band (not kidding). Watch FB and Twitter for more info – we will announce this show SOON! (don’t worry, you can come for one night, two nights or ALL THREE!).” Yup, this is going to be utter madness. No question about it. And take from me — you’d better start planning your costume NOW.

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