Welcome to Musings from Boston, the world’s first bipolar music blog. In the past, we’ve focused on music reviews and band profiles with occasional random outbursts of musings, essays, poetry and the ever-popular existential crisis. As of December 2016, we will be shifting our vision to focus more on non-music subjects, though there’s little doubt that we will always find a musician or band here and there that inspires us.

We still welcome musicians and band managers to submit their music and info; we’ll do our best to have a listen.

Please Note: We no longer accept submissions from PR agencies, promotional companies and labels, preferring to focus on those artists that are slogging away on their own and really need the support. We may make the occasional exception, but if you’ve been covered in Pitchfork or on NPR, you sure as heck don’t need us!

Best wishes, Julie

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