Since this isn’t your typical show, this isn’t your typical show preview. But I had to mark the occasion somehow, in my usual over-the-top fangirl style that I reserve exclusively for this particular band. So welcome to Boston, guys. It’s been nearly six months since we last saw each other – too long, too long… I mean, we know you’ve been busy writing and recording a new album, but still…

Last we heard, you were deciding on a producer for the new album. Producer, huh? As in someone other than you yourselves? I suppose that’s ok. So long as we don’t get Ludacris or Fabolous doing a guest rap on “Half of Something Else”, everything will be just fine. More than fine.

[The Airborne Toxic Event with Vivian Darkbloom at The Royale Wednesday, April 7 (sponsored by Jack Daniels Studio No. 7). You *might* be able to still win tickets by listening to WFNX (101.7FM). There will also be an acoustic session at the Ames Hotel that afternoon with The Airborne Toxic Event, sponsored by WFNX and the Ames Hotel. ‘FNX has contests going on for that. The session will be aired on WFNX (101.7FM Boston; 92.1FM NH and on Monday, April 12th at 11:00 pm, during its new music feature “The Nightly News.” WFNX and Ames plan to release a compact disc of songs from these Ames sessions in late 2010.]

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