“Atheist Money,” from Adam Stafford’s forthcoming album, Taser Revelations (March 21, on Song, by Toad Records), begins innocently enough. You wait for the expected pop vocal to kick in, but then, at the 17 second mark, what comes along instead is a weird and unsettling “percussive pong” sort of thing. After that, it’s a steady driving guitar melody and then when Stafford’s vocals do come along, they’re like one more pleasant instrumental interlude, warm and bluesy.

More guitar trickles in, vocal harmonies, a synthesizer melody and possibly other things, in and out, ebbing and flowing, like interesting guests drifting in and out of a room at a party. The result is massively hypnotic as the song floats along, taking on different colors and shapes as it passes by.

This is Stafford’s first album since his widely acclaimed Imaginary Walls Collapse (2013). It features producer and multi-instrumentalist Robbie Lesiuk on various instruments (including organ, piano and steel drums), Greggor Douglas (Roland Juno/omnichord) and Anna Miles, previously of Maple Leaves (harmony vocals).

A musician, filmmaker and founder of Wise Blood Industries independent record label, Scotland-based Stafford has released several solo albums that include “Awnings” (2009), “Miniature Porcelain Horse Emporium” (2010), “Music in The Mirabel” (2010) and “Build a Harbour Immediately” (2011) which can be downloaded at Wise Blood Industries.

His live performances combine post-punk, soul, pop and experimental a capela. He has some shows coming up in the UK and Scotland beginning at the end of February. See his official site for details.

Taser Revelations track listing

Side A
1. Let a Little Love Inside
2. Phantom Billions
3. Atheist Money
4. Black Lung Applications
5. Unknown Swimmers

Side B
1. Railway Trespassers
2. Taser Revelations
3. Bracelet Dream of the Shadow
4. The Penumbra


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