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On The Outside, Looking In –The Story of Baby Hawk

As told by Rademacher

On the cusp of South by Southwest, excitement is building – stoked bands who’ve been awarded one of the coveted showcases, madly swirling PR campaigns, masses of fans and bloggers that descend on Austin, the parties, the mythical RSL Outlaw Roadshow

For a band to play SXSW, whether by official invitation or sheer determination to land a gig somewhere on the periphery, is considered a badge of honor. The days of being “discovered” by a label and given a big money record deal are long gone, but it’s still a great music festival and a place to make connections. Musicians back in their hometown watch the flurry of activity and make their own plans to “get there next year.”

And then there’s Rademacher. A wonderful little indie rock band from Fresno, California — within close enough tossing range of L.A.’s Eastside to be considered part of that scene. They just released the third installment of their ‘EP triology,’ Baby Hawk, which tells the tale of a struggling indie band on the verge of great things, though just a hair shy of arrival — a day late, a dollar short, if you will. It’s a DIY primer, their musical autobiography.

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Rademacher: Baby Hawk! New Album and Tour

photo by Stephen Gamboa

photo by Stephen Gamboa

Here’s some seriously great news which I’m finally getting around to posting. For all you Rademacher fans out there (and if not, why not?), the long-awaited follow-up to the 2007 release Stunts is just a few weeks away. Baby Hawk (Park I of III) is available for pre-order on bandcamp and will be released Tuesday, July 5th. The album will be available via itunes and emusic on July 12th. Have a listen to the complete song below, or go to their soundcloud page to listen to each instrument separately. Cool. For those uninitiated: poignant and raw, deceptively simple lyrics that cut to the bone, set against slick, interesting pop music (with more sophistication and sonic magic of late). Dive in.


“All the best songs / are love songs / I don’t think that you can argue / no, I don’t think you can argue that… convenient explanations for the way things are… who really cares? / who really knows? / who’s responsibility is this?”

They’ll also be on the road starting July 1, though for the time being, just in Cali. However… somewhat reliable sources tell me there are plans to come East in the fall. Hopefully this time they’ll make it past Chicago.

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