“I’ve got 3,000 MySpace friends
and sofas to crash on
from here to New York
and the adventures just continue..”
– Car Wash Donations

This current assessment by Malcolm Sosa a.k.a. Mike Mancillas of Rademacher would suggest that life is good, though looking back at this past year, I’m thinking it must have been a rough ride. In February, their new drummer Eden had just joined he and bassist Greer McGettrick in time for a 6-week West Coast tour that would include 12 shows with The Airborne Toxic Event and The Henry Clay People. For Rademacher (judging by their tour diary) things got off to a shaky start, and then four of the dates ended up being rescheduled. Initial plans to be at SXSW were scrapped, but then they rejoined Airborne’s shows for Las Vegas, Pomona, and Sacramento. More big changes followed, with Eden leaving and then Malcolm and Greer parting ways. A brand new line-up, from what I can tell, was first unveiled back on April 21 at The Echo, and I’m guessing it’s this same line-up that’s featured on their new EP, Bellyflop, released last month by JAXART Records. Mind you, I could be totally wrong about some or all of this; if anyone has better information, please let me know! I’m not exactly sure who’s in the band, except for drummer Eli Reyes, who also plays in Fresno-based The Fay Wrays.

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