Noel Coakley from The Autumn Hollow Band (swiped from their MySpace page; sorry, no show pics)

Noel Coakley from The Autumn Hollow Band

Yes, I got myself off my little island again to see a show, and I’m really glad I did. I’d never been inside Toad for any considerable length of time… nice place! Cozy, rather shaped like a shoebox with the “stage” at the far end, and a slightly raised area off to the right when you first walk in. Tables on the right, bar on the left, narrow walkway down the middle, and there you have it! A cool place for live music, but definitely get there early if the band(s) playing are popular at all. Otherwise, you might have to wait outside for a bit until someone squeezes out so you can squeeze in (I’m guessing about 100 maximum capacity, if that).

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