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Introducing… First Pope

photo by Tim Voeten

photo by Tim Voeten

One of the greatest reasons to do a little music blog like this and get pitched brand new artists is that you get to hear the really young ‘uns just out of the gate. At the risk of embarrassing Dublin-based Fabian Molloy, who goes by the name of First Pope, this Irish singer-songwriter shows real promise in his vulnerable and emotional songwriting and acoustic guitar playing, not to mention the fact that he has a naturally gifted voice.

First Pope is so new, in fact, that there are only a few songs available — that last one, his own composition “In The Dark” and this Miike Snow cover, “Animal.” They’re courtesy of Canvas Sounds and their ‘On a Whim’ series. He has been writing his brand of alt-folk music for four years, and is currently working with producer Adam Lyons (producer and co-founder of Canvas Sounds) on new material. Keep an eye out!

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Introducing… Calan Mai (aka Jordan Lawrence)

Here’s something rather happy and bouncy for you. Yeah, I know, not typically my style, but it’s catchy stuff. Calan Mai a.k.a. Australian singer-songwriter Jordan Lawrence, focuses on introspective/retrospective lyrics and upbeat melodies. Some of his influences are Conor Oberst, Bob Dylan, Sam Beam, Justin Vernon and Adam Duritz. One thing about Calan/Jordan that endears me is that he sings honestly and with his charming Aussie accent, which sadly, not all artists would do. With his bursting positive vibes, I’m thinking he’d be a natural for the Life is good. festival.

His debut single is called We’ve Got Love, which comes from his debut five track EP “Days On The Rock Face,” due out in July. The song was produced and mixed by Adam Lyons. I don’t see a way to embed it, but click on that link and have a listen. There’s also a little teaser for the upcoming EP.

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