Here’s another duo, but this time from Lucerne, Switzerland. Huck Finn, which was indeed named for the famous Mark Twain novel, began their boyhood adventure in 2007. The We Ain’t Worried EP, released last year, had a bouncy electro-pop feel. However, this one song “Before You Begin” is quite different, and simply stunning. It swirls around in piano-driven somber mystery and orchestral indie rock loveliness. See the video below, directed by photographer Cyrill Matter. The scene is set in the Engadine, which offers a portrait of their homeland that Switzerland’s tourism board could probably make a nice advertisement out of. It also works as inpiration for those in the Northeast who might have some trepidation about venturing out into the great outdoors this week. Though I’m willing to bet that Finn and Berry’s vista is a good deal more breathtaking than your driveway right now.

Their new EP will be released in the Spring.

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