Saintseneca came together in Columbus, Ohio, but their spiritual home is rural Appalachia. Their debut EP was released in October of 2012, and they have their debut album, Dark Arc, coming out on April 1. The band features multi-instrumentalist Zac Little and their sound includes violin, mandolin, dulcimer, Turkish Baglama and floor percussion, in addition to the more “traditional” electric guitars and synths. Their harmonies are exuberant and uplifting.

This is old soul music. Have a listen. Their latest offering is a new video for the song “Visions,” an off-kilter family home movie with poetic, haunting imagery — “I was always fond of the notion / I was drenched in some spirit ocean / And all my visions merely the symptom of eyes open so wide / That I could peer into the other side.” They previously released the first 7″, “Uppercutter,” and are touring in January and all through March. Their local Boston show is at Great Scott in Allston on January 16, 2014. See their full schedule of tour dates.

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