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It Doesn’t Mean A Thing: The Airborne Toxic Event @ the Royale, Boston ~ April 7, 2010


A highly anticipated evening with The Airborne Toxic Event, courtesy of Jack Daniel’s Studio No. 7, WFNX, and The Boston Phoenix. Emerging from an intensely creative time in the studio, this was a chance for the band to road test some new songs, and a wonderful opportunity for fans to get a sweet taste of things to come.

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The Kids Are Lined Up On The Wall And Ready To Die???!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!

by Andrew Koskie, guest blogger


So it’s about 4:00 am and I receive an urgent email from Julie, “You gotta check out this site, and register for tickets”. I wake up about three hours later and realize it wasn’t another dream about The Airborne Toxic Event coming back to the East Coast, but the real thing! I was on my way to New Jersey at the time to visit with my sister, and thank god I was able to register on my phone! I received a confirmation email saying, “your information has been received. We will notify you a week before the show if you have won tickets”. Boy was I excited! About two days later I receive a Google update saying the Aquarian Weekly was holding a contest to win tickets. I enter, and dream of winning the golden tickets!

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