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Marshall Cecil Finds Balance in Chaos

photo by Alexandra Quaade

photo by Alexandra Quaade

Danish trio Marshall Cecil, in their music and visuals, struggles to find strength and solace in life’s confusing and disturbing reality. Their video, “Going Up / Going Down,” the band’s first track and video, begins with a violent act and then, from a backdrop of churning water, a metaphor for emotional turmoil, our protagonist moves through a world of crazed, dizzying scenes. It feels like a search for self, and a road leads from solitude to the company of friends. Flashes between alienation and inclusiveness is a powerful statement of life’s dichotomy, reflected as well in their music, which has a driving beat that’s matched with a gentle ambiance.

The video was created in collaboration with Céleste Nshimiyimana & Jacob Schill, with cinematography by Frederik Marbell, Céleste Nshimiyimana & Jacob Schill.

Clash Music premiered their new song, “Beautiful World,” which conveys strong feelings of isolation and melancholy (“I saw a little white dove turning to black”), but the title isn’t altogether cynical. Through the song, the mood transcends the darkness and rises to a stronger, more positive place. It speaks of an individual as well as societal journey. The band explains their aesthetic as “(venturing) through the baffling conflicts and political absurdities of the world in search for personal salvation of the mind.”

Marshall Cecil will be performing at the Spot Festival in Denmark, May 9-13, and at Roskilde Festival, which runs from June 30 thorugh July 7. At the Spring Equinox, they were headed to Naples to work on new music.

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Introducing… MYRKUR, from black metal to a mausoleum

Listening to the stunning new acoustic album by Scandinavian musician MYKUR, which glimmers with angelic women’s voices, classical guitar and instrumentation, would never guess that this beautifully enchanting spiritual sojourn was created by a woman who typically performs black metal. Mausoleum (Relapse Records) is aptly named, as it was recorded live in the historic Emanuel Vigeland Mausoleum in Oslo, Norway. The music is a stripped-down, dramatic rendition of 7 songs from her critically-acclaimed debut album released just one year ago, M, one new song and a Bathory cover. In this concert, she’s accompanied by the renowned Norwegian Girls Choir.

As you listen, imagine the backdrop — “a cold, dimly-lit tomb covered in morbid frescos that depict the circle of human life from conception til death.” Her voice is haunting and breathtaking; the minimalist acoustic accompaniment is delicate, powerful and sublime; the acoustics are superb and befitting the voices of angels.

MYRKUR is the one-woman project of the Danish composer classically-trained multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Amalie Bruun. She combines the raw fury of black metal bands such as Darkthrone and Ulver with ethereal beauty derived from nature. MYRKUR is signed to indie label Relapse Records.

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