Photo Credit: Nihile Photography

Photo Credit: Nihile Photography

Just a quicky from me tonight. Eli August & the Abandoned Buildings isn’t new, though they’re new to me. They hail from Baltimore, Maryland (and also NYC and Philly, apparently). I’d call their sound Haunted Americana. This is definitely music to drink whiskey and take sleeping pills to, but please don’t do that, ok? Lyrically desolate and musically rich, this stunning ensemble features at times just acoustic guitar and banjo, and at other times everything but the kitchen sink — Robare Pruyn (Clarinet, Alto Sax, Accordion, Electric Guitar & Vocals), Matt DeBlass (Mandolin & Vocals), Molly Hebert-Wilson (Vocals), Noam Berg (Mandolin & Vocals), Alex Bell (Drums & Washboard), Melissa Perry (Vocals), Rebekah Greene (Double Bass), Tom Sowinski (Tuba & Vocals), Doug Bischoff (Trombone & Vocals), Terry Greene (Trombone), and Brennan Kuhns (Electric Guitar). They have a 5-track EP called Heartache Suite coming September 2. The track listing is Overture / Although You’re Gone / Holy Ghost / Slow Start / Wrought. Here’s a sampling:

“Maybe it’s about time that I admit the past exists.
Maybe it’s about time that it dies, bound by both its wrists.
Maybe it’s about time that I sink below the waves
and all the emptiness I’ve felt deserves a murky, unmarked grave.”
– Although You’re Gone

Cheery. Until these happy party tunes grace our shores, you can listen to their last recording below.

Upcoming Shows

07/11 Brooklyn, NY – The Waystation (free)
07/13 NYC, NY – Jalopy Theater (all ages; they’ll be shooting footage for an upcoming music video) more info
08/02 Baltimore, MD – Joe Squared (free)
08/03 Tacoma Park, MD – Electric Maid (free, all ages)
09/06 NYC, NY – The Bitter End

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