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Lost and Found (VII of XII)

A Los Angeles story of madness and awakening, in twelve parts

123Death at Los Globos, Silver Lake

123Death at Los Globos, Silver Lake

Part VII: Boardner’s in Hollywood to Los Globos in Silver Lake… and back again.

It was now Day 6 in my bleary haze of broken sleep and beautiful sights and sounds. Tuesday night — must be time for my personally-curated “Julie’s Eastside L.A. Welcoming Party” (or so it seemed). Former members of Death To Anders, Rademacher, Radars To The Sky and The Henry Clay People, all in new projects at two different clubs at opposite ends of town. It was also the night when I wondered why, despite all our technological advances, transporters haven’t yet been invented.

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The (Infamous) Eastside L.A. 2013 Midyear Round-up! (part III)

Rademacher, August 2012

It's a mystery what happened to Rademacher, but I hope they ride into L.A. magically around Echo Park Rising time this month for a 'sekrit show'

What started with a small and serene handful of indie bands has become a busy army of multicolored, many-tentacled octopi. Yes, it’s time for the third installment in my four-part Eastside L.A. midyear band round-up. If you’re wondering what Pisces (Sarah Negahdari), Pretty Flowers, Princeton, Radar Brothers, Radars to the Sky, Rademacher, Robert Francis, Sara Radle, Seasons, Sea Wolf and Shadow Shadow Shade have been up to, read on.

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