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Happy birthday, Elliott…

Green Street Grill, 2008

Green Street Grill, 2008

I see I almost missed this, shame on me. A very happy birthday to Mr. Elliott Smith, who would have been 44 today. A wonderful musician and beautiful soul, sadly missed.

This is a performance from Green Street Grill in 1998, released to the world as the most lovely Christmas present back in 2011 by the legendary Boston musician Mary Lou Lord. If you’re not familiar with it, you can read more about it and download the entire performance from The Boston Phoenix. By the way, it also features another kind soul taken from us too soon, Mr. Billy Ruane.

Sweet Adeline (Elliott Smith fan site): web | facebook

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Searching For Elliott Smith (documentary) @ Somerville Theatre ~ April 26, 2010


Depression is a funny thing. Funny as in strange, unfathomable. There’s a desperate need for human connection and comfort, often combined with abusive behavior and a pushing away of those who are the closest. Medication, even when it’s by doctor’s orders and well-intentioned, seems almost random, as in “let’s see if this works.” How can one explain what it’s like to witness this happening to someone you care about and be helpless to do anything about it? Frustrating, harrowing, soul-destroying. I’m not talking about the gifted singer-songwriter Elliott Smith right now… I’m talking about my mom. A few days spent in a psychiatric ward, riding out manic-depressive pendulum swings brought on by incorrect medication levels, gave me kind of a unique perspective to discuss a beautiful spirit taken from us far too soon.

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