This is some fun ’80s-style synthpop, yes? Or is it politically incorrect to call something “inspired by the shiny dance clubs and sniffy stuff of the 1980s” these days? Shapes on Tape are based in Brooklyn, a collaborative effort of multi-instrumentalist and producer Adam Kruckenberg (Vibralux) and guitarist/songwriter Jason Matuskiewicz (Candidate), aided and abetted by their producer Justin Craig (Hedwig and the Angry Inch). In amongst all the poppy, dancy goodness of their latest song, “Fountain Of Youth,” is some good old-fashioned angst and regret.

“Big mistakes are all that I’m doing
never thought that I would be the ruinous kind
can you help me change my mind?
falling forward over my own feet
tripping backward into my memories
can you help me change my mindset, please?

– Fountain Of Youth

Their debut EP, released in March of 2015, was Motivational Speakers, which was followed up by their “No Bummers” EP in February of this year and the “My One and Only True Love” single earlier this month, which was dreamier and more upbeat, for those of you who like that sort of thing.

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