Previously introduced here at Musings from Boston, James Edge and the Mindstep find their strength and their voice in seemingly chaotic joinings — classical strings and modern jazz improvisation, chamber pop and unsettling lyrics, homey folk music and a confrontational punk attitude. This results in music that is highly listenable yet at the same time, complex and challenging. Their second single from upcoming album Machines He Made (due out later this year) is titled “Four Two Four,” and it’s scheduled for release on September 23 on Folkstock Records.

(from the press release): “Order becomes disorder and harmony springs from chaos… perverting the country shuffle into something darker and more abstract… snippets of melody are distributed like splashes of colour in a Pollack painting.”

“Four Two Four” is tightly wound music, highly dependant upon the skilled dexterity of all the players, threatening to come off the ramshackle rails at any moment. Lyrics are obscure enough to leave themselves open to interpretation, yet are laced with macabre imagery for a vaguely sinister tone. All this serves to keep the ears and the mind alert and fully engaged.

The players are: James Edge (acoustic guitar, vocals), Andy Waterworth (double bass), Avvon Chambers (drums) and Howard Gott (violin). The song was recorded by Tom Aitkenhead at Milk Studios, mixed by Tom Aitkenhead and James Edge and mastered by Ade Emsley at Table of Tone.

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