Ever wish you could just freeze time? Alter the course of your life? If so, you’ll love this video from Inspired and the Sleep. It’s an extremely clever and well-executed collaboration between this 4-piece indie pop band, director/editor Maximilien Franco and producer Leslie Dupuis Mendel for Bandits Productions. The mini-story examines the concept of time and human correlations. In the space of two minutes of frozen time, our protagonist becomes the master of his fate.

Inspired and the Sleep was originally the solo project of songwriter Max Greenhalgh (vocals, bass, percussion, keys, flute), but is now a foursome with guitar, keyboards, drums and tenor sax. They get their summer-flavored inspiration from their San Diego beach-based lifestyle. If you’re on the East Coast or in the Midwest and you’ve had a hard snowy winter, consider this lo-fi psychedelic and very dreamy pop your springtime wake-up call.

This song is from their EP titled Coming Up For Air.

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