Here’s something incredibly beautiful for you. How’s that for an introduction? Ethereal, spacey, trippy, experimental, folky, quirky, and delightfully strange New York/Boston band (or perhaps I should say art project, because “band” doesn’t quite seem to cut it for these guys)… have a listen to SLEeVES conjuring some serious magic on their new album The Sky Ghost: Pt. 1. Acoustic guitar, piano, violin, percussion, harmonica, other unidentifiable sounds, and a flowing cacophony of vocals, each its own exotic instrument. So weird, and so pretty. Incredibly hypnotic, with surprising emotional heft. On the new album, the quartet of Justice Roman Hill, Callum Plews, Kim Schulke and Tabitha Wertheim is joined by several friends for this exquisite musical oddyssey. Highly – and I mean highly – recommended.

The band also runs Analog Candle, a music production company and collective of like-minded souls, working with various musicians in the Boston area and over the ‘nets. They have a small studio and record/produce non-collective musicians for a very reasonable rate, so check them out.

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