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Introducing… The *First* Aputumpu Music Festival Boston

What began four years ago as a Brooklyn, New York festival for local bands starting to get known in the area has now spread to Boston. The festival organizers felt there was a similar need here for a high profile showcase for smaller bands beginning to receive local acclaim. The first annual (hopefully) Aputumpu Music Festival – Boston is set to take place on Friday, April 10 and Saturday, April 11 at The Middle East Downstairs. It’s a humble beginning that will showcase ten of Boston’s rising stars.

Here’s the line-up, and here’s the ::: facebook event :::

April 10th – 18+ – 7PM
Festival Pass: $30
Early: $15/ $17/ 22
Tickets Day 1:

Jam band.

Tigerman WOAH
Old-time country.

A group of gypsies fusing of classic funk with high-energy dance music.

Osekre and The Lucky Bastards
Indie pop.

Mad Satta
Eight-piece soul/R&B ensemble that combines old school soul with hip-hop, rock and jazz.


Saturday, April 11th – 18+ – 7PM
Festival Pass: $30
Early: $15/ $17/ 22
Tickets Day 2:

Debo Band
An 11-member ensembles that performs Ethiopian pop music that combines traditional scales and vocal styles with soul and funk rhythms with instrumentation similar to Eastern European brass bands.

Federator No 1
An afro-pop/world music band comprising members from Soulfege, Shake Senora, Rebel Tumbao, Iyeoka, and more.

Atlas Soul
Performing original music that celebrates polyrhythm & melodies rooted in the Afro-Mediterranean traditions and blend them effortlessly with deep jazz, funk and intelligent hip hop.

Kina Zoré
A six-piece band led by Mozambican songwriter Helder Tsinine that plays electric African rhythms with triumphant horns and uplifting vocals.

Lamine Toure and Group Saloum
An Afro-pop band founded by world-renowned griot percussionist Lamine Touré, They fuse Senegalese mbalax with elements of jazz, funk, reggae, and Afrobeat.


The Aputumpu Music Festival Boston: official site | facebook | twitter

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How will you spend your Last Day On Earth?

It seems like only yesterday I was wandering around Copley Square wearing my 2012 glasses, taking in a spontaneous Hare Krishna First Night celebration and eating strange little packaged treats handed out by devotees. At that time, the long-anticipated, mysterious Mayan Prophesy was this curious notion still comfortably off in the distance. I decided on that heady evening that I would spend 2012 as if the prophesy were in fact true—that everything would end on December 21. We’re often told that we should always live our lives as if each day were to be our last. So, facing what may have been the final year of my life, or at least the last stretch before some sort of cataclysmic event, did I spend each waking moment in the most meaningful way possible? Did I push myself to the outer limits? Did I reach for the stars in terms of productivity and my search for enlightenment? No, not exactly.

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Diasporic Dance Music with a Powerful Message: Zili Misik and Kina Zoré Return to Jamaica Plain

Kina Zore

Kina Zore

Zili Misik and Kina Zoré
The Milky Way Lounge at The Brewery Complex, 284 Amory Street, Jamaica Plain
Friday, May 11, 2012 at 9 p.m.
21+ | $7 cover

Here’s a special evening of music happening at the Milky Way Lounge tomorrow night. Boston-based Kina Zoré is a 7-member Afro-pop dance collective made up of Berklee and NEC graduates who perform the music of Helder Tsinine, a singer and guitarist from Mozambique. Raised in a musical family in Maputo, Mozambique and brought up during a 15-year civil war in his homeland, his music is celebratory, upbeat, joyous and highly danceable, though lyrically he addresses topics like war, poverty, the challenges of his native country, and the idea of social justice. Kina Zoré have been performing around Boston for about a year and a half, and will be releasing their debut album this summer (you can preorder on Paypal). They’re also very involved with social issues, with the focus on action and compassion. Listen to their music on Kina Zoré’s official site. Beautiful, and bound to be amazing in an intimate live setting. Treat yourself to Mozambican dance party!

Kina Zoré will be joined by the all-female, African band Zili Misik.

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