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Lainey Schooltree’s Heterotopia Rock Opera — Kickstarter Ending Soon!

We’re rather slow reacting to this exciting new rock opera from Boston-based art rock ensemble Schooltree. Their Kickstarter campaign ends in just a few days, so please check this out and help them make their goal.

Here’s the info, direct from the press release because we’re lazy here tonight (and not too proud to admit it):

“Boston-based art rock band Schooltree has written and recorded an ambitious rock opera called Heterotopia. At an hour and forty minutes long, it’s an epic, carefully crafted piece that takes the listener on a symphonic odyssey through a dystopian dreamworld. The opera follows Suzi, existential everygirl and underachiever extraordinaire, who loses her body and must journey through a parallel world of the collective unconscious to get it back. But something is wrong in otherspace; it has been overtaken by shadows and chaos. In order to become whole again, Suzi must delve into the origins of this world’s darkness, where the fate of otherspace and her own are inextricably linked. The story and music are inspired by the work of fantasy writers like Tolkien and rock artists like Genesis.”

Schooltree: web | facebook | twitter | instagram
Heterotopia: facebook | kickstarter campaign

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Schooltree revisits the ’70s with their rock opera “Rise” – record release party Friday night!

Schooltree Record Release
w/ Count Zero and WANTON REVELRY
Friday, March 15th @ the Lizard Lounge
8:30 doors, 9pm show | 21+, $10 cover
::: BUY TICKETS ::: | facebook event

This is going to be a very special event to celebrate the release of Rise, a modern take on the 1970s rock opera, very convincingly masterminded by the inimitable Lainey Schooltree Steamy Bohemians, Jerkus Circus, Bent Wit Cabaret).

I don’t think just anyone could have pulled this off. Lainey is the prog rock queen of modern times, with her Broadway musical vocals and theatrical cabaret presentation. You only have to know that she’s a fan of both Queen and Steven Sondheim to understand this completely.

On Rise, this musical journey is nothing short of epic and while strongly recalling the piano driven orchestral drama, screaming rock god guitar, vocal histrionics and sweeping harmonies of what was a proud art form of the time, it is also imbued with a contemporary feel. This isn’t just parody (though it did put a big smile on my face upon first hearing). No, it’s an honest depiction of present day struggles through the looking glass of the past, with a strong sense of reverence. As for the doom and gloom subject matter, the breakdown of society, feelings of alienation and loss, hope and salvation… well, all that’s eternal, isn’t it?

I’m unable to share anything off the new album with you (you’ll have to go to the Lizard Lounge on Friday night for that), but if you’re unfamiliar with Schooltree, have a listen below to a performance of “Everyman” from the Lizard Lounge back in February of last year.

This isn’t just any run-of-the-mill record release with any old backing bands either. “Wanton Revelry” isn’t the name of a new Allston punk band; it’s billed as “bombastic burlesque, sexy satyrs, olympian comedy, devastating elegance!” If you’ve been to any Schooltree performances in the past, especially Bent Wit Cabaret events, you will definitely recognize at least a few of these names… UnAmerika’s Sweetheart Karin Webb, Femme Bones, Lolli Hoops, Jade Sylvan, and there will be other special guests as well. Count Zero will close out the evening’s festivities, performing their first full show in almost a year. Definitely something you won’t want to miss.

web | facebook | bandcamp

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Tonight at Club Oberon: The Last Ever Performance of Bent Wit Cabaret!


Bent Wit Cabaret: CULT
Sunday, November 13th at 8pm at Club Oberon, 2 Arrow St. Cambridge (Harvard Square)
facebook event | BUY TICKETS

All good things must come to an end… After two years of Axe 2 Ice Production’s bawdy burlesque vaudeville revues, Bent Wit Cabaret will be pulling up their tent. Which means you have one last chance to catch what has become a cult phenomenon, conveniently located in Harvard Square, at Club Oberon.

Since January 2010, Bent Wit Cabaret has been staging elaborate choreographed presentations, each show focusing on a particular theme.

On this auspicious evening, the theme is CULT, and the featured performers include:

The Slutcracker mastermind Sugar Dish

Burlesque artist Femme Brulee

Lainey SchoolTree

Elephant Tango Ensemble
Valerie Thompson (Voice/Cello, Goli), Vessela Stoyanova (MIDI Marimba, Goli), Brendan Burns (Guitar), & Nate Greenslit (Percussion, HUMANWINE, What Time Is It, Mr Fox).

Black Cat Burlesque co-creator Mary Widow as David Bowie

A sneak preview of the holiday phenomenon The Slutcracker

WIREFOREST Cult Leader Walter Sickert

A special performance art piece from Axe To Ice’s Artistic Director Karin Webb

Video shorts from the Boston Underground Film Festival

As always, the evening will be hosted by UnAmerika’s Sweetheart Karin Webb and the legendary Mary Dolan.

Get on down to Harvard Square tonight and give them a rousing farewell!

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Review: SchoolTree: My Metal Mother

album artwork by Molly Zenobia

album artwork by Molly Zenobia

Forgive the long absence. I’m way behind on new music (and old music), so I’ll get right down to it. Here’s the first in a series of some recent releases from Boston-area bands. And when I say “recent”, I mean since February. In this installment, Broadway-by-way-of-Danceteria chanteuse Lainey SchoolTree has an elegant new album, My Metal Mother.

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Bent Wit Cabaret: Obsession @ Oberon on Sunday

Bent Wit Cabaret: Obsession
Club Oberon, Harvard Square
Sunday, April 10, 2011
Bent Wit Cabaret is part of a regular series at Club Oberon. Tickets run $10-35, and are available at or at OBERON, 2 Arrow St., Cambridge, MA. The show starts at 8pm, and seating is limited.

For their first show of the year, Bent Wit Cabaret will be examining the theme of Obsession, with a crazy cast that includes “regulars” such as co-hostesses Karin Webb and Mary Dolan, Sugar Dish (The Slutcracker), burlesque artist Femme Brulee, Lainey SchoolTree, and Bent Wit Cabaret’s house band, Elephant Tango Ensemble. The band features Valerie Thompson and Vessela Stoyanova (Goli) on vocals/cello and MIDI marimba; and Nate Greenslit (HUMANWINE, What Time Is It, Mr. Fox?) on percussion.

Special features this evening will be Brian King from “What Time Is It, Mr. Fox?”, commedia antics by Behind The Mask, spoken word by Jha D, bellydance by the exotic Divine Filth and video shorts curated by the madmen at the Boston Underground Film Festival.

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Walter Sickert and the Army of Broken Toys CD Release Soiree with Jaggery @ Cafe 939 ~ June 04, 2010

During an evening of much invoking, Walter Sickert channels an Indian shaman.

During an evening of much invoking, Walter Sickert channels an Indian shaman.

On the cover of their brand new CD, Steam Ship Killers, there is a portrait of a multi-tentacled sea creature, ominous and threatening. But the curiously inviting keyholes at its base suggest that if one has the necessary fortitude, one might unlock its secrets. The same could be said of its protectors, Walter Sickert & The Army Of Broken Toys. A ‘Toys’ virgin might well be confounded and overwhelmed at first – what to make of this motley gathering? Marionette and puppetmaster, musicians and dancers, a bawdy and boisterous mistress, the uke player with the filthy mouth… At the center, the master of ceremonies himself, Walter Sickert, who, on this special night, took us on a shamanistic journey. It was an inspired extravaganza. It was also my opportunity to finally see Jaggery, and they were every bit as marvelous as I thought they would be. With their orchestral gothic brilliance, Singer Mali’s ethereal and acerbic vocals, and a dark, extra menacing rendition of “O Scorpio”… what’s not to love?

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