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Introducing… JP Source, Jeremy Johnson and a cool Prince cover

JP Source, photo by Mary Beth

JP Source, photo by Mary Beth

Miss Prince? So does JP Source, a producer and DJ originally from the UK but now living in Louisville, Kentucky. His styles include “house, disco (new and true), downtempo, soul, funk and balearic.” I quoted that directly, because as you know, I know nothing whatsoever about such things. What I do know is that this cover of Prince’s “She’s Always In My Hair” is amazing. It’s a glorious and loving tribute, with some damn fine guitar work and compelling vocals. The song features Your Black Star member and Meta bar owner Jeremy Johnson, who is responsible for the guitar shredding and singing, and it’s produced by JP. Nice job, guys.

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Introducing… Quiet Hollers and their broken guitar

On their latest single, “Broken Guitar,” Louisville, Kentucky band Quiet Hollers tells the story of disconnection, or so it seems, accompanied by a quiet and somewhat haunting alt-country vibe.

I wrote a song on a broken guitar
and I played it for them
they told me it was out of touch
but I thought I had my finger on the pulse
of the nation’s youth, of a girl like you
of a few home truths I thought you already knew.”

– Broken Guitar

There’s delight to be found in these quiet moments, with the personal storytelling and intricately crafted melodies and harmonies. A hint of wistfulness permeates throughout in the soft strumming, subtle strings, tinkling bits of piano and plainspoken, reverb-soaked vocals.

Quiet Hollers released their debut album I Am The Morning in 2013 and their self-produced self-titled album last October, with a few singles from the latest album, including the stunning southern gothic vibe of “Mont Blanc,” with introspective storytelling from singer-songwriter and frontman Shadwick Wilde. It also has the amazing line “Shed a tear for the books I should have read.” Oh, the regrets! So sad, so beautiful.

The band is currently working on their third album, and they’re touring all summer, hitting towns across the midwest and elsewhere. They’ll be in Kentucky, Ohio, West Virginia, Illinois, Wisconsin and Colorado. Check their website for details. Two of their songs, “Cote d’Azur” and “Flood Song” were used in the cable TV shows “Kingdom” and “Guilt,” both airing this summer. In the meantime, grab their new single from iTunes.

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Introducing… Twin Limb

Listening to Twin Limb’s single “Don’t Even Think” is like gliding on a swift, magical kite through a mysterious mountain canyon. Yes, it’s that pretty. This dreamy and psychedelic, with Lacey Guthrie’s angelic yet insistent vocals pushing out through the swirling sound that she helps create with what I’ll call sad accordion drone, complemented by keyboards, both atmospheric and searing guitar, closely knit female harmonies and a slow, steady funeral march of percussion. Gorgeous. Their debut EP, Anything Is Possible and Nothing Makes Sense was just released on November 13.

This Louisville trio began in 2013 with Guthrie (accordion, vocals) and friend Maryliz Bender (drums, vocals). When they met up in 2014 with producer Kevin Ratterman (guitar, sampled sounds, percussion), they realized how much he could add to their sound and the duo became a trio that amazingly creates an extremely lush and layered aural environment that blends psychedelia with folk. This EP celebrates their musical marriage, and it includes a lovely cover of Can’s “You Doo Right.” It’s unexpected and delightful. Their first single was “Long Shadow,” released back in January.

Twin Limb will be performing in Cincinatti, Ohio on November 27 and in Louisville, Kentucky on December 4.

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