Here’s a nice wind-down from your crazy week. Lucas Biespiel and his Dangerous Gentlemen have just released the first single titled “Preacher” from their debut album, Stories of Your Sorrows, which is due out October 1. The upcoming EP is described as “a series of monologues by different characters in a play. Each song acts as a soap box for each character to tell you their story.” Their music is bluesy and soulful with earthy, ageless vocals and tasty guitar licks that slide down like honey. It’s nicely crafted with percussive flourishes (rather than just “drumming”) and closely-knit vocal harmonies. This is good… really good.

Lucas, originally from Portland, Oregon, is a singer-songwriter, guitarist, keyboard player and violinist, formerly the lead singer of the Backyard Blues Boys. He moved to Boston to attend Berklee, and met up with the other members of his current band, Dangerous Gentlemen (that would be Sean Oliver on bass, Sam Small on electric and lap steel guitars and Griffin Davis on drums). He also runs his own label Blue Brick Records. You can learn more about his history, his thoughts about creating music and his future plans on Rose Rundown. For now, have a listen.

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