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My Chanukah Present for Boston Bands (and those passing through) is ‘in progress’

UPDATE… IT’S DONE! (or at least, for the time being). Check It Out.

In a sudden burst of ambition and enthusiasm (we’ll see how long it lasts), I’ve decided to continue something I started last year – a Resource Guide for touring musicians passing through the Boston area, and for those who live here as well. For now, you’ll find a list of area venues, capacity and booking info., and just added, a list of local promoters. Coming soon (I have, what, seven more days left?) I’ll have radio and press, rehearsal space and recording studios, and much more. Have a look. And very happy holidays, everyone. Stay tuned for my ‘Favorite Shows of 2011’, and also some ‘end of year angst’. I’m sure I’ll be able to summon some up for ya.

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My xmas gift

Attention local bands and musicians, and those just passing through… just when you thought you opened all your presents, here’s a little one from me. I’ve just put up the beginnings of a “band resources” page (see the sidebar or check it out here). This will in time include all sorts of info like media outlets, promoters, places to repair instruments, rehearsal studios, etc. For now, I’ve got many of the important venues listed, with booking info and capacity. This is obviously a big project, so any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated. Happy Xmas.

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