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Kristen Ford’s “Radio” from her upcoming album “Tighten It Up”

We’ll start off a series of Boston artists with a former Boston artist, a recent defection to Austin. Kristen Ford, whom we’ve covered before, has released the first single from her upcoming live video album titled Tighten It Up. On this new album, multi-instrumentalist Ford explores the musical possibilities of live looping as a one-woman-band, adding guitars, pedal effects, drums and her vocals into the mix in ever flowing, creative ways. No editing, no studio magic, no auto-tune; what you see is what you get. At a time when nearly everything is processed and filtered, it’s refreshing to see an artist confident enough to work without a net. You watch as it unfolds and her smooth style draws you in, as does her personally invested lyrics. Her no-nonsense style comes through loud and clear in this format, adding to the poignancy of her music.

Tighten It Up was written and produced by Kristin Ford, engineered and mixed by Dan Cardinal (Josh Ritter, Lake Street Dive, Ray Lamontagne) at Dimension Sound Studios in Jamaica Plain, MA and mastered by Ariel Bernstein, with video production by Cable Line Entertainment. The video album is available on Pivotshare and the audio release (digital or CD) is available on her bandcamp. She’s currently out on the West Coast performing. See her schedule for a list of dates.

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New club AND record store in Union Square, Somerville!

Here’s some very cool news for music fans in the Boston area. There’s a new club in town, and a new record store as well (yes, a record store), both moving into what’s turning out to be the next Hipster Haven, Union Square in Somerville. Already there’s P.A’s Lounge, Sally O’Brien’s, Precinct and Starlab. Add to that Radio, which has its grand opening October 7. And while you’re waiting for the first band to come on, you can do a little rekkid shopping at Somerville Grooves.

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My xmas gift

Attention local bands and musicians, and those just passing through… just when you thought you opened all your presents, here’s a little one from me. I’ve just put up the beginnings of a “band resources” page (see the sidebar or check it out here). This will in time include all sorts of info like media outlets, promoters, places to repair instruments, rehearsal studios, etc. For now, I’ve got many of the important venues listed, with booking info and capacity. This is obviously a big project, so any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated. Happy Xmas.

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