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DeVotchKa (& Mariachi El Bronx) tomorrow night at the Paradise!

DeVotchKa performing at the House of Blues last April.

DeVotchKa performing at the House of Blues last April.

Really looking forward to this one – a musical smorgasbord encompassing the globe and defying genres… DeVotchKa! And they’re performing at the Paradise Rock Club as well, such a nice treat after their larger show at the House of Blues last time. Joining them will be mariachi (and sometimes hardcore punk) band Mariachi El Bronx. For a little background, check out my article on Ryan’s Smashing Life. I’ll see ya’all there.

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The 2010 Boston Music Awards Odyssey @ The Liberty Hotel


Holy moly, what an overwhelming (and fantastic) experience. Never in my life have I been to something quite like this. Musicians and music fans, hipsters, scenesters, photographers and bloggers… a wild circus of sights and sounds, with my buddies Walter Sickert and the Army of Broken Toys appropriately holding court in the lobby with grandeur, party favors, boobs and bubbles, as only they can (sadly, they didn’t win ‘Live Artist of the Year’, but no matter – they’re playing First Night!). Confronted by a total sensory overload, I became a sort of comatose bloodhound in search of great live music. And happily found it everywhere.

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The Boston Music Awards 2010 – Show 12/5 – and Vote Now!


This year’s Boston Music Awards (a.k.a. the BMAs) will be presented on Sunday, December 5 at the Liberty Hotel, and is a fine excuse to host a bunch of cool bands. Performing will be the legendary Barry & The Remains, Lynn-based hip-hop artist M-Dot, 60’s girl group lovers Jenny Dee & The Deelinquents, synth-poppers from Worcester DOM, the Americana/folk band Kingsley Flood, and more (see full list below). Tickets can be purchased from for just the show, or VIP tickets which include a cocktail reception. Presented by Music Drives Us and TimeOut Boston. Proceeds will benefit the Music Drives Us foundation. And don’t forget to VOTE for your favorites. You can see the list of nominees and VOTE NOW at the BMA site. Voting closes at 5:00 p.m. on Monday, November 29th. Shameless plugs follow for a few of my faves…

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The Henry Clay People at T.T. the Bear’s Place ~ 10/17/10


As I told the Siara boys after their deeply gratifying set of life-affirming rock ‘n’ roll, “thanks man, I really needed that.” Yup, tough year. What can I say? Read more of my heartfelt gratitude on Ryan’s Smashing Life. I gave him the photos that didn’t look like I shot them in a dark underwater cave. Apart from the ridiculous volume level for two dozen of us in a place the size of a shoebox, they also have a rather creative lighting technique, whereby they illuminate the audience but leave the performers in semi-darkness. Actually, we later decided that was good for bands with bad hangovers; Joey said it was nice and subdued, and he could see all of us just fine. Awesome.

Joey raises his plastic cup to the 20 of us. No man, here's to <em>you</em>.

Joey raises his plastic cup to the 20 of us. No man, here's to you.

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The Boston Rock BBQ at The Bridge Sound and Stage ~ May 30, 2010


I’m not usually in the habit of reviewing parties, but I must make an exception in this case and say a few words. It was a ridiculously cool event put on by Boston-area bloggers – Boston Band Crush, Bradley’s Almanac, Exploit Boston!, Playground Boston, Ryan’s Smashing Life, Tea Party Boston, Zed Equals Zee, and Agent Bishop Productions – and hosted by the fine folks at the extremely classy production facility The Bridge Sound and Stage (formerly home to the legendary Fort Apache Studios).

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