I’d like to come clean on something. I don’t always get to things right away. And by “not right away,” I sometimes mean two months later. Smoke Season is the lovely Los Angeles duo of Gabrielle Wortman and Jason Rosen. They began their musical journey in 2013 with the release of debut EP Signals. Their new song “Bees” is a trance-inducing affair with mysterious lyrics about bees, honey, getting stung and being on the open sea. Yeah, it’s about a relationship.

Wortman’s hypnotic vocals weave effortlessly around percolating and swirling synth melodies, drifting ether of backing vocals and percussion.

Smoke Season has a sensuous psych-tinged Americana vibe, melding folk with subtle electronics and enticing, mystical vocal harmonies. That sounds pretty great, and indeed it is. After an Echoplex residency in Los Angeles in 2014 and subsequent raves in LA Weekly, Buzzbands, Radio Free Silver Lake and elsewhere, things took off. They’ve performed across the U.S. and have shared stages with Berlin, Elliot Moss, Geographer, Jesika Von Rabbit and others. With more than 3 million Spotify plays for their Hot Coals for Cold Souls EP and shows at CMJ, Sundance Film Festival, Noise Pop and San Diego CityFest, they’re definitely doing pretty well.

If you’re on the West Coast, you’ll be able to experience the spacey vibes of Smoke Season in person. They begin at The Casbah in San Diego on November 29, hitting Log Angeles (The Satellite), Fresno, San Francisco and Santa Cruz before drifting through Oregon (two stops), Seattle, Boise and Salt Lake City on December 10. See their Facebook for more info.

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