Coming out of their previous incarnation as Death To Anders, in Autumn 2009 Nicholas Ceglio (guitar, vocals) and Peter DiBiasio (bass) joined forces with a “mysterious Bay Area drifter,” drummer Nathan Kondor, to become George Glass. They released their debut self-titled EP in October 2010, and performed around Silver Lake and Echo Park, Los Angeles. This is their debut music video from their self-titled EP released in October of last year. The Buster Keaton-style video features the effervescent Sarah Negadhari of The Happy Hollows.

I’m not feeling terribly clever today, so I’ll just say that I first came across these guys as Death to Anders, in the midst of my Silver Lake Awakening a few years ago, and mentioned their George Glass rebirth back in February of last year, when Web in Front first streamed their demo “Call it Whatever.” Since their self-titled debut, they also released a 3-track EP called Sunshine.

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