May Day seems the right time for this particular video. Ronny Morris is a Danish singer-songwriter who is very involved with environmental activism, working with Greenpeace and His music has won awards and has been featured on One Tree Hill, Ghost Whisperer and other TV shows, but at the moment, he’s trying to spread awareness about global warming. He’s releasing three different videos set to his new song, “Built to Last,” one of which features Greenpeace in action (see below). The song comes from his debut album Sweet Silence. All proceeds from the single will be donated to Greenpeace, to support their efforts to have the Arctic declared a global sanctuary. is working for a ban on offshore oil drilling in the Arctic region and is trying to stop unregulated fishing in the area. They also support setting up a global sanctuary in the uninhabited region around the North Pole, which is pretty much a “no-brainer” at this point.

He’s really serious about this very serious issue, and has partnered with Spotify and YANGAROO to produce videos in different languages to get the message across. This latest one is video #2. You can see the first one on that video page, which features Morris walking around Los Angeles in a polar bear suit, with the original version of the song as the soundtrack. The remixes are available on an 8-track EP and features work by Michael A.M., Ganga, Leon El Rey and Rich Morel aka Pink Noise. You can purchase music and other merchandise from this project and support the vision.

Sign the Petition

If you support the idea of creating a protected global sanctuary around the North Pole, please visit and sign their petition.

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