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The Henry Clay People: Twenty-Five for the Rest of our Lives

The Henry Clay People today unleash another of their raucous adventures of screaming, distortion-laden guitar, furious punk energy, and playfully sardonic sung-spoken-shouted lyrics. Fueled by the kinetically careening Brothers Siara (Joey and Andy), they’re joined by original drummer Eric Scott and new bassist Harris. On Twenty-Five for the Rest of our Lives (TBD Records) the Henry Clays take a fond look back at their twenties from the wise vantage point of their thirties. No actually, it’s an angsty, bratty scrapbook, full of cynicism and wistful regret. As they themselves say, it’s a ‘quarter-life crisis,’ brilliantly executed, with more cohesive and well-crafted arrangements than on their previous recordings. Nice job, guys!

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New Song from The Henry Clay People ~ “California Wildfire”


A trifecta of new music from some of my favorite L.A. bands today. Last but certainly not least is the latest from The Henry Clay People, whom I’ve had the great pleasure of seeing. Several times, in fact, and always a great rock ‘n’ roll celebration. The song is “California Wildfire,” the first offering from their upcoming five track EP, This Is A Desert, due out in May from TBD Records. There’s lots of noisy guitar, some wacky effects, frenetic drumming, and Jordan’s rollicking honky-tonk piano. Serious fun. Can’t wait to see these guys again! For those of you lucky enough to attend Coachella, they’ll be performing April 15th.

The Henry Clay People – California Wildfire by One Thirty BPM

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