Walter Sickert’s SquidHouse of Horror
with Walter Sickert & The Army of Broken Toys, Moe Pope, Darling Pet Munkee, XNY
Hosted by Johnny Blazes
Wednesday, October 31
Doors at 8 PM; Show at 9 PM; 18+ Show
Advance Box Office Price $15 | BUY TICKETS

There’s something about this show that makes perfect sense right now, with how positively loony life has been lately. It’s the combination, you know, of time exponentially speeding up, pent-up mass frustrations bursting at the seams and boiling over, crazy ranting lunatics running for public office, full moons, high tides, and bizarro ‘biblical end times’ weather. It all makes a person kinda nuts. Tell me, what kind of world are we all living in, at this very moment, than a Squidhouse of Horror? So it’s especially apropos that the master and mistress of that Victorian carnival funhouse of the apocalypse, Mr. Walter Sickert and Miss Edrie (along with the Bunny Collective, I presume), are hosting this ominous and not-to-be-missed event.

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