Portugal's The Gift

Portugal's The Gift

The Gift (from Portugal) 10:35pm, The Clox 9:40pm, Rockin’ Flea Market & Bloody Mary Bash at T.T. the Bear’s 11-4pm

At first I thought this was just a very strange band name, but no, T.T.’s is having a flea market tomorrow. Being T.T.’s, it’s not just your standard flea market – it’s combined with a ‘Bloody Mary Bash.’ It promises cool vintage items & clothes, knick knacks, books, vinyl, arts & crafts, and other stuff. Plus a DJ, face-painting and photo booth, and yes of course, Bloody Marys and also Mimosas and spiked cider. In other words, a perfect event for an autumn Sunday.

You’ll probably need to go home and take a nap before coming back to welcome Portugal’s The Gift, who bring their psychedelic synth pop back to the states to celebrate their latest release. The most popular alternative band in Portugal, they’ve been together since 1994, toured in the U.S. with The Flaming Lips back in 2003, and have just released their new album Explode.

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Joining The Gift will be New York’s (by way of Kazakhstan) The Clox.

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