Hey, don’t be down on this bright, sunny summer day (or cold winter day, if you happen to live in New Zealand) — You Are Beautiful! No, this isn’t a New Age affirmation; it’s the latest single from L.A. indie folk outfit The Herbert Bail Orchestra. They’re not exactly an orchestra of the classical variety, but the Americana-with-horns sound on this song is lush, full and celebratory. It’s a joyous and upbeat track that will definitely raise your spirits. Download it free from Soundcloud.

The Herbert Bail Orchestra’s debut EP was in 2011, which was followed up in 2013 with a full-length album The Future’s In The Past. At different times, you’ll catch glimpses of DeVotchKa, Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros and Lord Huron, with lusty vocals, strings, horns, accordion, tinkling piano, life-affirming choral uprisings and driving percussion. Fans of Gogol Bordello, Of Monsters and Men and performers of that ilk should also take note of these guys. They’re the musical equivalent of The Wild West.

Last year, they collaborated with award-winning director Björn Rühmann on a music video triology inspired by three songs from their album. Part I: The Nature of Things, explores the journey of a man and his dog on their final road.

The ensemble is currently working on a collection of songs for a release next year. Meanwhle, if you like what you hear, you can purchase The Future’s in the Past on iTunes. A vinyl version is available on their bandcamp. And check out this wonderful acoustic version of “Hold Your Own.”

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