This one’s for the older folks out there who fondly recall live shows of the 1970s with big horn sections and lots of harmonies. In an admission in which I am about to date myself horribly, the first concert I ever attended was Blood Sweat and Tears, and The Interlopers are strongly reminiscent in both sound and spirit. Other obvious influences include Stevie Wonder, Chicago, Steely Dan and Dave Matthews Band. It’s a sophisticated jazzy R&B mix with some pretty stellar skills. Their musical prowess is easily explained by their Berklee College pedigree, and the smooth vocals, harmonies and horns are a nice upbeat change from the admittedly darker hues I often find myself wading in these days. Enjoy the warmer weather and enjoy this fine Boston-based band.

They’ve just begun recording a series for YouTube called #RedLightSessions which involves recording snippets of recent pop tunes while performing in city crosswalks — a brave feat when that crosswalk happens to be Harvard Square!

The band’s next performance is at Brighton Music Hall on May 2nd with West End Blend and NOVI.

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